KustomNote, templates to organize notes in Evernote


Most of us will agree that Evernote is a great app multitasking on all matters relating to-do lists, important dates, general notes and reminders. In fact, it’s so multitasking is sometimes disorganized us information and formats, and precisely for faithful users discover KustomNote Evernote .

is not unlike Evernote service, but rather a complement to it that will allow us to create templates to separate organizational and order all stored information, all in your chosen format without removing account information Original Evernote.

After registration and permission to connect KustomNote our Evernote account so you can access the notes, the main panel will access the service, and from this we can create new notes, integrate templates Free created and shared by other users, create a template ourselves or access our account settings. Obviously what stands out is the ability to create templates for organizing information to taste. The template creation tool integration includes titles, categories, tags, descriptions, and more.

This is what provides the free version, you can become a premium version if you fall short functions by at least $ 2 a month.

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KustomNote, templates to organize notes in Evernote
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June 18, 2013

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