Laia Costa: “‘Victoria’ is a very different film in the form”


  • The Barcelona actress stars in ‘Victoria’, an award-winning German production.
  • ‘Victoria’ was shot in a single plane sequence.
  • Laia Costa was awarded at the German Film Awards for his performance.

 Laia Costa

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Everything happens in one night. And in a single shot. A single sequence shot, in real time, to get into the Berlin night through a Spanish girl living in the German capital. Href=”” is Victoria , the title and the character played Barcelona href=”” Laia Costa ?? awarded in the German film awards ??. A waitress after a night out, befriended by a group of boys carried away to an unexpected plot. It was presented in the past href=”” Sitges Festival Friday, 23 October, comes to our screens. Among the best-known works are his Laia Costa Rym character in the series Polseres vermelles or Mary, of Austria href=”” Carlos, King Emperor . What it is Victoria , the German film that has dazzled half the world? How was shot? She herself tells us.

Roll all in one sequence shot is like doing theater? It might seem so, because nobody you short. But the director, href=”″ Sebastian (Schipper), always said no, not theater. In this case you have a camera attached to you. Sebastian says he is like a gun pointed at you and telling you all the time ?? ?? not lie. In the test procedures, in which it came to shooting up to 3 shots of different planes sequence, he says he realized when he kidded ?? ?? when we were performing.

Camera goes in and out for different scenarios, street, nightclub, cafe ?? even inside the car. This is the camera, the Danish href=”″ Stuart Brandth Grøvlen, which has a huge talent. He got into the car without harness, without being tied or secured in any way. He goes upstairs, enters the roof leaves the club ?? when we cycle climbed into a cart of all, no one will push … when we run, he. The camera switches to the 22 locations with just a camera and a focus. There was no foquista.

might remind the Oscar-winning ‘Birdman’, of Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. But there was a cut, but there was the difficulty of shooting with varying lighting. Stuart has an incredible talent. If you saw him, it is as small, slim. And before we started shooting to get the muscles warmed-up, to avoid cramping. And headband if sweating. Both hands were busy, could not dry.

think about the project even came a script, but only an outline, a few lines of what would be the film and his character. I never got a script. They explained that was the story, and the few pages I had written the final outcome of the film has varied greatly. Even Victoria was called. He called ?? One, two, five, eight ??, then ?? Three boys and a driver ???? It was through the testing processes that history was focusing on her, Victoria. The script was alive and open until the last moment, with changes within the action or characters removed.

What about the final decision was improvisation? It was like a band jazz. They improvise, but have a lot of rules, otherwise, would sound bad together. In every moment we knew where we should go, what was the purpose of the scene, which is what the director wanted him to explain at that time. But, for example, we could never repeat the same action or even the same sentence; or you could not switch to the next scene until a certain actor had undergone a certain emotional change in his character. It is a team effort.

Among the anecdotes of filming, so I commented on the fact that his character, and yourself, he could not go to the bathroom. There was a time which I could not hold more, and I used to pee when I left chamber in the club scene. And there in front of all the extras, they were hallucinating, and there holding my micro and forth.

The character of Victoria seems fragile and sensitive, but there is a moment that changed radically takes the initiative and is aimed at all. does also marked by loneliness, by letting go to find something new, meet new people. At first, she is dancing, looking happy. He goes to the bartender and seeks contact with him, but this does not make you any attention. For the first time we see her loneliness. From here, the four-minute film, shows you their possible motives. We worked hard the appearance of background of the characters. She’s shy, he is introverted, and do not want to show his wounds. It only know something of his past in the piano scene. Here is slipping a bit. Unknowingly, Victoria was a little waiting that night.

The film has already received several awards in the Berlin Film Festival, and Best Actress at the German Film Awards, the Lolas. This is a job we did on April 27 last year, between four and half past seven in the morning. Two hours and a quarter, and so have been all these awards. It is as unusual a surprise. So we were not at all aware. Prizes are like staying with a friend who you have not see and, suddenly, without being at all expected, it tells you, now I invite you to eat. For nothing planned. These plans are good ?? not like in the movie.

And despite the cheers and accolades at international level, are nervous to present the film at home? in Sitges was very afraid the press pass, and as well prepared to not like. In the background it is a very commercial story, quite classic; but how to do innovative. Different, and that difference is sometimes not well received. This is my home, and it is good that France is destroyed, it is in Germany still in theaters for four months, or in the United States the New York Times has devoted pages and articles to us. I have presented the movie a thousand times, but here, I’m very nervous, especially to my family passes. My emotional involvement with the public is greater.

You have done theater, television, film ?? Also a model? No, model no. I’m too short. But, thank you.

It will be to live in America? I am moving there. It is a personal matter because my partner works there. Let’s see how it goes.

It is said that Tarantino is a fan of you? In the United States it is surprising that there are many fans of this movie. I made some postscreenings or presentations, and people talk about it. Public, but also actors, producers, directors. When a foreign movie usually has no easy access to theaters, or does so limited, there is no less than 70 rooms. It is amazing. Well, I love that big names can tell that you like, and if this entails attract more public, let them say (laughs).

What has helped him reach him more projects? at first. But in recent days if there has been more movement. More deals. For now, as we are overturned in the promo, from 9 am to 9 pm, I have not thought of anything. This week the promotion is over, and then see if I can access another project as attractive as this


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