Landscape photography and contemporary geniuses

Landscape photography and contemporary geniuses

The energy of a photographer is inspiration. There are places on our planet that awaken the instincts of these geniuses of the camera. They are the kings of landscape photography, share their work in social networks and are followed by thousands of people with the desire to achieve excellence.

These four artists create works that are a true delight for the view. They produce spectacular images and are professionals who set the pace of the current landscape photography. From one stage, they are able to convey moods and emotions completely disparate. For those interested in taking a step forward in this area, I advise you not to lose sight of them:

Andy Best

Natural Oregon, Best is the third generation of a family full of photographers and filmmakers. Its theme focuses on landscapes, astronomy and adventure. It also makes adventure documentaries, short films and audiovisual products for advertising campaigns. . Having a step natural places as incredible as Yellowstone, certainly helped his love for capturing stunning scenery

I discovered their images through Instagram , when he had become a model to take into account the photographer community, not only for work but also for his adventurous lifestyle. You can also follow through Facebook .

Gary McParland

This Irish photographer develops most of his work in his native Northern Ireland , but also has a host of beautiful photographs of England and Scotland. His work has been featured in several publications on paper and has been awarded several prizes. In fact, in 2010 was named photographer of the year in Ireland, and a year later won the Wanderlust award travel photographer of the year

Admire spectacular images on your Web staff.

Paul Zizka

all of a professional mountain scenery, this Canadian photographer is a specialist in capturing images in difficult conditions and in hard to reach places. Your work conveys a mixture of serenity and passion for alpine scenery; It is able to offer unusual angles of the most common prints of the mountains. What a hand with the camera!

However, when night falls, his technique evolves, plunging into vast surreal, magical scenes. It is a personal opinion, but may be one of the best night photography professionals worldwide. Zizka has also published a book, Summits and Starlight , collecting best catches in his homeland. Landscape photography as an artistic expression

Marc Adamus

Considered one of the best landscape photographers of the century, there is nothing. His keen eye for photographing the wild nature results in a mix of art and theater for our eyes. What makes it stand out from the rest is possibly his desire to photograph the most beautiful and extraordinary moments, no matter the weather or season. And I love working alone. Your work has been published by National Geographic, among other means.

Chip Phillips

try to find them, but the truth is I have no words to express my great admiration for this genuine artist. How do noses? What tricks or secret treasures to achieve results so … from another planet?

His love affair with photography began in 2006 when his father gave him a great SLR Pentax Spotmatic, now a little gem in the market second hand. Shortly after he made the leap to digital and behold when it all started. His intimate scenes are almost abstract , a collection of sunrises and sunsets, lakes, rivers and streams that allow remind serenity breathing many parts of our planet.

Your images have appeared in publications such as Digital Photo Magazine and is a member of Photo Cascadia , a group of great professionals of the northwest coast of the US.


Landscape photography and contemporary geniuses
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April 20, 2016

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