Last day of competitions: Five New Nintendo 3DS and five New Nintendo 3DS XL

Get one of 10 consoles.
Nintendo Spain offers Vandal users the ability to enter a drawing unprecedented able to get the console New Nintendo 3DS launch day, the 13th of February.
Accordingly, during this week, Monday through Friday, raffle every day Five New Nintendo 3DS consoles . Also, Friday will be double prize: with five New Nintendo 3DS, raffle five more New Nintendo 3DS XL
To enter the contest just have to be a user of Twitter. follow our own VandalOnline , and participate mentioning it and using the hashtag # MerezcoNew3DS , saying why
Day 5:. New design, larger screens and more compact
addition to its other new features, New Nintendo 3DS both their standard models as XL has a modern design with a retro nod as Super Nintendo colors on buttons, and a larger screen sizes in both models. This 20% more screen has not increased in size and weight.

Bases of the draw:
one. To enter the sweepstakes you must be a follower of theVandalOnline Twitter account.
2. The tweets must indicate the account VandalOnline , and use the hashtag # MerezcoNew3DS
3. Every day the draw will start at 09:00 hours, ending at 23:55 hours.
4. The winners of each day will be the five (ten for Friday) we consider the most ingenious tweets or funny.
5. There is no limit of entries per day. Users can participate every day and as often as they want.
6. For logistical reasons the draw is limited to users residing in Spain.
7. The winners of all the draws will be announced on Saturday, January 31 at noon.
August. The awards will be presented on February 13, the day of launch of the console.
September. Participants who plagiarize tweets from other users, either contest or other websites Vandal not opt ​​to award.
10. Any behavior that is considered cheating, fraudulent or unfair will be disqualified


Last day of competitions: Five New Nintendo 3DS and five New Nintendo 3DS XL
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January 30, 2015

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