Launched the book ‘Portal or science video game’

Posted by Heroes Paper, publishing house specializing in books on video games.
The Publishing Paper Heroes has announced the availability of the book Portal or science video game , signed by Eva Cid. The book is published in two different editions, both hardcover and color pages, and can reserve since last .
The first editions featuring an inspirational test in the bucket on the game and will be available in all design bookstores. The second is a limited and numbered edition , with a design reminiscent of the famous cube, but this time with reliefs on the cover and can only be purchased through l a web of paper Heroes. anyone who buys the book (in any of its editions) on the website of the publisher also receive gift a set of stickers with illustrations of characters and game elements of Valve.
“Eva Cid has tackled the task of understanding Portal, dissect and shake every one of its parts to see what lurks . it is a necessary reading and welcome, but it hides a reward. Because of Eve can learn what Portal yes. the book you have in hand about that. And also, as a necessary corollary to the task, what is the game. as a means, as thought, as a narrative, as a religion, “said Javier Sanchez, author of the prologue.
This book invites us to visit again cameras Aperture Laboratories to discover something we did not see, a small spring that let it slip away, some notion of perfect symmetry that we were not able to perceive that first, or that second time. Some details, however small, susceptible to clarify a little more the mystery that enclose the white walls of the laboratory.

Launched the book ‘Portal or science video game’
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July 10, 2016

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