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For a while, many people ask me how they can do to learn to program in Android from scratch . Without knowing anything about programming. Rien de rien. Nothing.

Now, by personal experience, to learn Android going very, very well, know Java . Most of all to understand the OOP and methods. No need for Java to be a teacher, nor be the entire collection of problems, but to be clear all the concepts. So, first of all:

Resources for learning to program Java

or English, much more complete

Once we have the basics of java (not necessary to be a teacher as I said), learning how to program Android is very simple and almost immediate. Here I bring you a few online resources, but of course, there are in many parts, so you just have to search a bit.

Resources to learn programming Android

Some time ago I acquired a course to learn to Android quite completito programr English that I have no problem sharing with you if you are interested:

Youtube Videos

The Wonderful World of YouTube with hundreds of thousands of hours of training videos.


And of course, the web resources. Tutorials several on different specific issues Android programming

Finally, books books books

If you have any suggestions or input comentádmelo in twitter or androide@elandroidelibre.com and I will add happy!

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Learning to program in Android from scratch free
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November 8, 2013

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