Lenovo Z5 Pro, camera slider and screen borderless with fingerprint reader built-in to the mid-range

Lenovo Z5 Pro, camera slider and screen borderless with fingerprint reader built-in to the mid-range

The notch is no longer fashionable. Now that bears are the front-facing cameras that are only visible when you need them. So it happens exactly in the Lenovo Z5 Pro and your camera that you can slip on.

The Lenovo Z5 Pro is what had to be the Lenovo Z5. Achieved by taking the concept of mobile all screen to the middle range, with a adjusted price and specs that are more than sufficient in most cases.

technical details of the Lenovo Z5 Pro

Lenovo Z5 Pro


Super AMOLED 6.39″ (2340 x 1080)

Dimensions and weight

155,12 x 73,04 x 9,3 mm, 210 g.


Snapdragon 710


6 GB


64 / 128 GB

front Camera

16MP f/2.2 + 8MP infarrojos for Face Unlock

rear Camera

Dual: 16MP Sony IMX519 f/1.8 + 24MP Sony IMX576 f/1.8


3.350 mAh


LTE, WLAN 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, BT 5.0, NFC


fingerprint Reader under the screen


Since 1998 yuan (about 253 euros)

Now, yes: the whole screen


Who played with hype, just burning. To Lenovo happened more or less that with the Lenovo Z5 to dry, which happened to be a mobile all screen to one more heap. This new Lenovo Z5 Pro is basically what we expected the Lenovo Z5. Now yes, but in these five months, the mobile all screen have gone from being a fantasy to a reality.

The Lenovo Z5 Pro makes now yes, really, reach and exceed the course 95% ratio body / screen (according to the measurements themselves). It does so with a screen Super AMOLED 6,39 inch that seems to have no end. With the exception of the chin, which does not seem to us to leave to deliver soon.


To achieve this uses the same mechanism of screen / camera slider Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 and Honor Magic 2. The front camera remains hidden unless the slide manually with a gesture that brings certain memories to the mobile QWERTY of yesteryear. In this panel includes a second camera, of infrared, used for the face unlock.

Also includes finger sensor under the screen, so it depends on you how you want to unlock the phone. Or roll the camera, and use Face Unlock or well you put your finger on the fingerprint reader.

the best part is the price

Huellas The Lenovo Z5 Pro includes fingerprint reader beneath the screen to mid-range price

These months we are seeing how manufacturers are beginning to complain of the notch, with a multitude of solutions and trickery to bring the screen to the maximum without resorting to them. One of these techniques is the technique of the body slider Xiaomi Mi MIX 3, Honor Magic 2, although both are stops of range.

this is Not the case in the Lenovo Z5 Pro, which assembles some components for something more modest to achieve a lower price. So, include Snapdragon 710, 6 GB of RAM and 64/128 GB of storage. Are specifications that are very good, but not comparable to Snapdragon 845 and Kirin 980, with more memory.

The difference is that while My MIX 3, and Honor Magic 2 are on the fringe of the 400-500 euros, the Lenovo Z5 Pro part of the 250 euros at the exchange. That is to say, a mid-range of whole life, with specifications more than acceptable and a huge screen with virtually no edge whatsoever which includes finger sensor, something reserved until recently to special versions, more expensive.

Versions, prices, Lenovo Z5 Pro

The Lenovo Z5 has been launched in China and we do not hear of its possible expansion to other international markets. For now is only available in black and in two configurations, both with 6 GB of RAM but with 64 or 128 GB of storage.

  • Lenovo Z5 Pro 6+64GB 1.998 yuan (about 250 euros to change)
  • Lenovo Z5 Pro 6+128GB 2.298 yuan (about 291 euros at the exchange)

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Lenovo Z5 Pro, camera slider and screen borderless with fingerprint reader built-in to the mid-range
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November 2, 2018

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