‘Les Revenants’ what do we do with life?

The Returned Season 2

Warning : This article contains spoilers for the second season of ‘Les Revenants’. How else we would not be able to comment on such a great show?

a second season of ‘ The Returned ‘? When he finished his first batch of episodes, had many unanswered questions , many open secrets, but it seemed that we could settle this end in which the horde claimed to those like them and disaster and separation opened a new path.

We need a third season? Three years after the shocking first eight episodes, we have seen how continued the strange and tormented lives of characters who have penetrated us. Three years is a long time for any number . Surely, interest weave a script that would match what the spectators was one of the causes of all this delay


The living are afraid. ..


Poor living. Poor ourselves, we are constantly terrified that something bad might happen to us. In ‘Les Revenants’ pulse of normal life there, because everyone knows what happened six months ago and that pushes them to feel a infinite and absolute terror for those beings that were dead but no longer representing the sacrilege of the greatest mystery that we one day will die, and will be forever. This has been true since the beginning of time and is not something we just pass the vain human, but any creature must pay the toll the end of existence.

Fear of men is a clear example in this shelter, ‘ The outstretched hand ‘ who runs Pierre, who believes having all the answers deceiving himself, to forget everything he did or what he was not able to do. In this place they meet those who are clear that the returnees are a danger and seek death for everyone. As long as hatred and anger blind the hearts, the consequences can not be worse.

… and the dead, more


Poor dead. One of the things I like best about this series is the ease with which attempts to address their very deep conflicts . What if the dead back to life? The first answer that we are all coming to mind is that George A. Romero and all his disciples have issued to blow fiction: they would become soulless beasts would want to eat our brains only. But really, is not it more plausible to think would happen as we see in this series?

If you are afraid of living, the dead are scared. They do not want to hurt anyone and really makes no sense to have this vocation. Do not know why they have returned , many are not even able to remember who they were, they only know one thing, have to stay together, and away from the living because they do want them hurt them, want to end They are representing the terrible mystery.

That’s why they move to Villa-Revenant , which is one of the most desolate places imaginable. Clearly, as corporeal beings that are, need to be somewhere. If the people, flooded, is divided into two areas and one is isolated, perhaps they can stay there and feel safe. And so we see those houses and inhabit them wander haphazardly and share their distress with those who are like them. A door opens and there five or six crowd, with their blank stares and absolute nothingness; and give us a little creepy, poor things about them and us.

What are some things mean?

With all the sadness and all that cometh when we see this series not We can stop surprised by happy endings that has brought us the second season. Seguret for family, back again out of that town. Finally, the iconic bend in the road that marks the border between the two worlds, has remained open and were able to escape, together with that Chloe may well act as the daughter who have let him go.


Because … what happened with Simon and Adele? ‘Les Revenants’ is deeply symbolic and many of the things that we have is difficult to understand. But, dammit, we are rational beings and understand everything. Adele, who for the second season has appeared to us as a French Mia Farrow but equally tormented it in ‘Rosemary’s Baby’, has lived a complicated journey by that disturbing baby. But in the end, plot became allegorical irresitiblemente .

Simon and her eternal love, walk through the forest toward the cave that mark its end. Adele loses sight of Simon, although Who that “zombified” creature tenderly holds out his hand? Everything that acceptance of this gesture by Adele may mean we head full of theories and theories. Both march into the darkness but later, we go back to the light, a white dress, bridal ¿? with whom he meets Simon, on the other hand, also wearing his wedding suit, in which he died. Adele Simon killed himself and tried. Now, they seem to be together forever there. Is she too is dead?

Even more disturbing child of all time, Victor, has a happy end. Or not? It is on the beach, fulfilling the desire to live with Julie. Previously, we learned that he is the cause of everything. He wanted to save the life of his father and conjured the coming of all other returnees. During the last chapters, some characters we have already advanced the outcome: it has the keys so that they can return to the place where death called them one day. He decides everything. But Victor where from?

Well, here we combine the most bizarre theory that we can think . Why the last image of the child connects with the crying baby, Nathan? Victor is not returned again, maybe not even a returnee. His incredible mental powers, how can predict the future make him an exceptional being. As Nathan, the child born of a living mother and dead father. Okay, would there be any possibility that these two people were the same person? Yeah, no, impossible, but, what are you telling me? Perhaps we will never have the third season that can get us out of doubt.

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‘Les Revenants’ what do we do with life?
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October 30, 2015

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