LG and Samsung, or how to have the same goals and use two different strategies


In the world there is a huge number of companies competing to reach a greater number of customers, and not just talking mobile telephony, but vehicles, tools, food, cleaning products, and so h antler satiety. Those who have common goals seek to differentiate themselves in their ways .

Such are the cases of our protagonists, LG and Samsung , the two Android manufacturers Korean and which also also they compete in the world of consumer electronics. They can sell both televisions, and washing machines, dishwashers, players … I mean, almost any appliance that we have in our home


In addition they are also able to compete in the so-called Internet of things (abbreviated as IoT English Internet of things ), but in different ways. While Samsung has been limited to buying companies like Dacor (designers of luxury kitchens) and companies cloud computing, LG has decided to establish two new companies. LG Signature and Signature Kitchen Suite

While the first is to create next-generation consumer electronics, the second be responsible for providing luxury kitchen appliances . But let’s focus on the Android world, which is what we know best, and where I assure you there is even a beer.

Same target, different paths

Lg G5 3

LG and Samsung are compatriots and rivals, although it is true that Samsung takes more direct rival to Apple , with whom he has maintained a war of judgments that go you know how long. Still, both companies (LG and Samsung) aim to be a mobile phone brand of reference worldwide .

Samsung, meanwhile, seems to have reached that goal, but it is the most difficult of all, it is to stay there with the huge number of manufacturers seeking to wrest the throne if they have to tickle the feet. His strategy in his younger days was obvious. saturating the market with multiple models of smartphones, so that people only see Samsung phones

A Day today that saturation is much lower , but they have deliberately got rid of that strategy because they had reached their first ‘checkpoint’ cause the only alternative to an iPhone was a Samsung for most of the public, while the other companies followed their own pace when put their products on sale.

LG, meanwhile, although it has not reached the point where it is Samsung now, you can rate the manufacturer as brave , and it has not hesitated to invest any time in doing new things, but really novel. Yes it is true that the deceased family Optimus L was very similar to the terminals Samsung .

But already made their first steps with the LG Optimus 3D, a smartphone 3D camera , or successful back botonera the LG G2 which continued until the LG V10 (which was the first manufacturer also to bring fingerprint sensor). Will there come some day to occupy the throne LG Samsung with this strategy? I’m afraid we have to wait a long time.

A different interpretation of curved screens

Lg G Flex 2

LG is a manufacturer who is not sitting still or to descomer so I began to develop a smartphone whose screen would be curved, because. To do this they gathered one day and said ‘hey, do something original? A mobile with curved screen perhaps? ” Everyone nodded as if to say, “why not?”.

But it seems that they knew a little because someone said “the same only curved screen is a little bland, why do not we do it fairly flexible? “, they all nodded excited. “And with the rear self-healing !” said another, who was locked in the video room to see Oliver and Benji, although they then thought and accepted.

Thus is born the first LG G Flex, a mastodon 6 inches curved screen with rear self-healing . LG and she proved to have a scrotal sacs like elephant heads, and it was certainly a very attractive experiment, lacking as HD resolution, but an experiment that I thought at the time that would be a success.

Samsung, meanwhile , also decided to make a mobile with the curved screen, only the curvature went from one side to another. The name of the creature was Samsung Galaxy Round . The result was a terminal where you could put one of those dolls that move the head in the car, singing a lullaby and sleep happy

LG followed in coming years with this concept, first with the second generation of LG G Flex and then incorporating that feature the LG G4 and other terminals, but in a much more” light “. Unfortunately this year has not seen anything like it, and I wish it had continued to LG G Flex family.

Samsung decided to change the concept, abandoning forever the Galaxy Round. To do this they decided to move the curvature first to one edge in the Galaxy Note Edge , and then, in a somewhat lighter form, to the subfamily Edge of the Galaxy S and Note on both side edges.

current strategies of LG and Samsung

Galaxy S7 Edge

LG has remained true to its identity of trying to be an innovative manufacturer, without fear of what might happen because if it is a failure, something good they can get out of it, and if successful, will know that is the right way. The most recent of these, the LG G5 with its ability to add modular accessories, has not exactly been a success .

Personally I see no harm a phone of this style (keep in mind that is the first of its kind on the manufacturer), the only real weakness I see is its low battery . And it seems that LG will give you a second chance with future LG V20 , but will have to see if they change a bit the concept and, above all, they do not go with the price.

Samsung has chosen to keep those curved edges that, in my view, are more decorative than practical (some might opine otherwise, of course), and its history as a company that manufactured burrada and average mobile phone models along with a large investment in advertising has given quite successful this feature.

in today’s mobile market seems to be more successful elegant design, albeit weaker, that a durable terminal that can withstand almost anything.

I find it curious as something that could be very practical as a flexible semi-curved screen of truth, (you could press the back to set it straight and returned to its original position) and a self-healing rear, with the resistance provided all at a terminal , has not been a success and terminals that are much glass and some metal are breaking the market.

of course, is a personal opinion and you are free to give yours on this subject, but these are the strategies of both manufacturers: LG is committed to continue innovating, while Samsung is held in a much more conservative position , without risking almost nothing.

I’m not going to hide, I feel more sympathy for LG to Samsung, but that does not mean that I think is better, but not worse, simply are different companies with a different vision of how It will be the mobile market in the future . What Samsung is having more Exto? Yes, but nothing is eternal, it will not last forever.

Could you end up finding the key LG and Samsung to dethrone middleweight in the future? It is clear that if you keep trying eventually to find that point would give the boost it needs . As for Samsung, it is best not to sleep on his throne or somebody will set him on another throne, but in a toilet

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LG and Samsung, or how to have the same goals and use two different strategies
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August 16, 2016

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