LG G Flex, touchdown and first impressions

LG G Flex, touchdown and first impressions

Today we have been in the presentation in Spain Flex LG G, the first curved phone with international market avai...

Today we have been in the presentation in Spain Flex LG G, the first curved phone with international market availability. Had long wanted to put my hands on a terminal that has eluded us for a while, but now reaching exclusively for Vodafone Spain have had the chance to tinker with it and draw some initial conclusions.

In short, the LG G Flex is a smartphone screen 6 “resolution HD, not Full HD as yet the technology curve has not been allowed to go so far. The curvature phone, which is what is striking is possible by two factors, your screen poled (of Plastic OLED) and battery curve.

It is clear that the screen has to be curved so that the entire terminal is, but the battery is something to think less. The electronics has for years been curve, but also make a curve battery is not so easy. LG has developed the battery Flex G so that in addition to match the curvature of the phone does not have to give up capacity, and it is indeed a beast of 3,500 mAh, which guarantees a very high autonomy.

Inside we find a Snapdragon processor 800, 2GB RAM, 32GB internal memory and 32GB screen. In addition, improved, and much, user experience and interface, two things that takes a lot of time calling LG.

And without further ado, here we leave you with the video touchdown LG G Flex:

Watch the video

Overall the look is very good, and what is striking is LG has gotten a curved terminal high end without having to give up almost nothing. In fact the resolution is possibly the only major difference when compared with similar.

Now it remains to see the reception that a curved smartphone will have on the market, is an evolution necessary? It remains to be seen.

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