LG G Pro 2 and its new software: Focus Magic, Multiwindow and New Knock-on

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A few days after the WMC 2014 Barcelona start to leak more and more details on some terminals. One case is the long awaited LG G Pro 2 , with the South Korean LG have on the market a new and updated phablet.

One of the biggest complaints to LG terminals was that only focused on your hardware and ignored many aspects of the software. Just see still no update to 4.4 KitKat LG G2 . Apparently LG has listened to the voices asking for more features and added new enhancements to the software level in its next version of its phablet.

So far only some Features are known This phablet LG, although we may see some new filtration before release. What we know for now is focused on camera app , multiwindow to make the most of the screen and some accessibilities designed to lock.

Focus Magic, focused to your liking after taking picture

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One of the points LG has decided to focus has been on camera and the camera application . Already the chambers of the LG terminals are of high quality. Well if we combine this good hardware and good software to have the perfect combination. That’s because LG and think we can see a further improvement a very interesting video leaked LG G Pro 2.

This is a image capture mode perform a comprehensive approach to all objects for us, then choose the object you want to focus, thus making a strong blur the rest of the image.

If you have not been very clear this function then we leave the video where it looks better this new capture mode.

Watch the video

In my opinion, the failure to choose to increase the number of megapixels but to focus on getting a good software to make the most of the cameras that currently there is a right decision. Why would we want mpx 100 then not well focused and always have the same shooting modes

Multiwindow, leverages nearly 6 inch

If you have a screen of 5.9 inches , why only use one application?. That thought LG and as shown in video filter LG G Pro 2 , this terminal will have multiwindow function similar to some Samsung handsets. So we see our timeline of Twitter while watching a video on Youtube. In my case, necessary in a phablet this option.

In this video provided by LG is displayed as this function works multiwindow in the new range-topping South Korea. To my mind goes quite fluid and easy to use. What think you?

Watch the video

You can also see in the video a very interesting new feature. We can resize device screen to facilitate our use with one hand . Definitely a new improved software and interesting in my opinion, necessary when it comes to a screen like this.

Unlock and locked by pressing on the screen

Glancing at the LG G2 we realize that you already have some of the functions Knock-on brings the LG G Pro 2. There is more to see that the G2 can only be unlocked by double tapping the screen.

Well, LG has decided to improve the number of utilities to add another. In his new phablet double tap gesture on the screen is used to lock and unlock have to press as it were, draws a “Z” . If I was not clear what the “Z” then we leave the video offered by LG with which you will understand better.

Watch the video

This series of features I love. For me it is much more comfortable lock the device by double clicking on the screen than having to bring the finger to the lock. And even if it is a phablet.

to see if its official launch in the WMC show some more function and of course, we will keep you abreast of each.

What do you think that finally LG is focusing on its software?, comentad below.

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LG G Pro 2 and its new software: Focus Magic, Multiwindow and New Knock-on
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February 16, 2014

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