Life360 – Mobile solution for identifying the location of family and friends


And if a couple of hours I talked about Glympse and its Spanish version, application that can display on a map representing a moving point our location, now you talk about , app for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry who tell us in the comments.

Life360 The idea is to have a private group of people who share your location, no such data are available for anyone else, only for those who have been invited. This group can send messages, update your position and even send an alert that there is something wrong (imminent danger, for example), ideal for us to react as quickly posble when a problem occurs.

No point moving shows like Glympse, but the exact location of those who have the application installed, which concume much less battery because simply use GPS to pinpoint the location when it is being requested, not every moment.

A curious feature is what allows alerted when someone in our family gets to a certain place. Previously recorded site and we hope that the application will report when it reaches the destination.

Life360 is free, but includes a premium plan with an emergency button to alert the authorities that there is a problem, a location system phones that are not smart and alert service unlimited places.

By the way, if you are looking some option like in our language, remember DondeEsta , for android and iPhone.

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Life360 – Mobile solution for identifying the location of family and friends
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August 16, 2013

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