Lights and shadows of TikTok, the addictive social network that sweeps between the young

Account with more than 500 million users, is the seventh app most downloaded of the decade and has won (and how) the public youth. However, the social network TikTok is still unknown to many, and more than one sounds but not know how to describe it beyond pointing out that it is a platform for videos and music for kids. This contrast is a striking example of the high-profile differences between the generations.TikTok, the property of the company china ByteDance, is launched in 2016 as Douyin in the asian giant and its growth is amplified in 2018 from its fusion with The social network is defined as a global community of videos of a few seconds, which can be edited, uploaded, shared and downloaded, besides of course curiosearse.Su dynamic has addictive potential, it is easy to enter in a spiral of viewings continuous to suffice with a swipe of the finger upwards on the screen of the mobile. In TikTok abound the imitations of challenges and trends, viral, and these are often defined by the character playful, catchy music that accompanies them (preponderan dances), and the component display staff that come with them.The seductive musical accompaniment makes that often the searches are performed in function of that song that you can’t remove it from the head.The culture TikTok, as happens in every social network, has motivated the emergence of influencers and users iconic with millions of fans behind. These are followed by twentysomethings and teens that they have found a space of our own in which to express and enjoy themselves without being present to the gaze of the parents, as happened with the concept of Snapchat as a ‘refuge’ juvenile compared to Facebook.To make the rage among youth and even children, the age profile of TikTok involves a sensitive topic and if it caters to your immaturity and vulnerability as well as the type of content that you see, copy and share. Nor should we overlook the sexual charge that late in not a few videos, with all that this implies.The personal exposure without the awareness of risks motivates you at the same time arising out of questions about privacy for example when you want to delete a video with the only condition that in his / her journey social has been downloaded by third parties.Another of the shadows of the extended TikTok resides in the allegations that the social network censorship content critical of the chinese Government. In this section it is worth mentioning in addition to the suspicion that has arisen in the united States due to its treatment of the political content controversial, its management of data and their supposed connections with Beijing, to the point that an investigation was opened and that has been a topic addressed by senators.
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Lights and shadows of TikTok, the addictive social network that sweeps between the young
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December 31, 2019

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