LINE Android store presents its themes to customize LINE as queiras


The struggle to be the service most used instant messaging is a reality. All these services dedicated applications to improve their applications in order to compete with Whatsapp. Many of you, if not all, will have Whatsapp on your Android because after all, most people use.

But there are applications that want to Whatsapp competition and one of them is Line . The Japanese company is working hard to try to unseat as Whatsapp messenger service and most used today launched an improvement that many will like and be adept at removing Whatsapp.

topics, themes and issues in the new store Line


Line today launched a new section for online store your messaging application, issues a store . Here you can download and install topics that we like to personalize Line to our liking. Although we can also buy other things in store Line, not only theme, for example, icon pack.

So far, Line has been offering some items for us to customize our application completely but from Now, if we take in some of their new songs (you will be adding more), we will have to checkout and pay 150 coins (2.69 € approximately).

As you can see from the pictures, the customization is complete, not only the color but also the icons. The designs are the style we are used to using their typical characters.

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One of the things I did not like the politics of this new store is that we only have installed item purchased during 180 days . I know it may be the time necessary for a person to get tired of the same subject but still, maybe once after that time, we will want to wear it again.

Is this a way of coping also Telegram to

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Many of you know

and Telegram , new instant messaging application that is facing all current applications. Remarkable for its safety and for its intuitive interface . Telegram is gaining attention and is making move to current developers of such software. Forcing them to some extent, to be noticed.

It would not be surprising that other applications also follow the footsteps of Line and launch a new interface or, some new interesting improvement. Will Whatsapp now when it launched the much awaited new interface?

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LINE Android store presents its themes to customize LINE as queiras
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February 6, 2014

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