LineageOS is updated: new browser and end of support for the Nexus 4

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The community of developers, despite the difficulties that put the companies in terms of the root, continues to work to offer a better user experience and some new features. One of the computers that is working very hard on lately is that of the well-known ROM LineageOSthe more that worthy successor of CyanogenMod.

As in every new ‘nightly’, the people behind this ROM are polishing LinegeOS, adding features and new terminals they give official support. Then we will see what are the changes that have been made and, in addition, we will see how it becomes a terminal that had been absent temporarily, but we will the Nexus 4, which doesn’t have official support (at least for a time).

In this occasion did not incorporate a large amount of terminals to the supported list, only add the nextbit Robin, but instead we are going the nexus 4.

On this occasion we do not see a lot of new devices that are added to the list, in fact only adds the Nextbit Robin, which is not too long ago, was removed temporarily to fix some bugs that had arisen. Unfortunately, the Nexus 4 falls out of the list, that henceforth you will not receive official support.

however, as they say in your ‘changelog’, the fact that a terminal disappears from the list of handsets supported does not mean to stop hand, but are waiting for someone else to assume the responsibility to continue with the ‘nightlies’ for that terminal (in this case the Nexus 4), do not rule out that in the future.

Jelly as a new browser, and fixes for some bugs

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As in every new ‘nightly’, the guys behind the ROM LineageOS try to make it more stable and improve the overall experience. Then we leave the list of changes that have been made this time.

  • The brightness bar, which can be found in the quick settings, can now be toggled by going to the settings, entering ‘status bar’ and then ‘Brightness’.

  • The browser Gello has been removed and has been included in its place to Jelly.

  • Jelly has obtained several improvements, including support for the desktop mode.

  • FlipFlap now can be disabled from the application itself.

  • the problem has been corrected from the incorrect duration of the calls in the ‘dialer’.

  • the Webview has been updated to the latest stable version (based on Chromium 58)

  • a problem Was fixed that caused a third-party application that will use the cáamara in certain moments due to a forced closure.

The change more remarkable that we can see in this new ‘nightly’ is the replacement of Gello in favor of Jelly, lighter and current. This browser was already present last month for the devices that could not support browsers more heavy, as Gello or Chrome.

lineageOS stop using Gello in favor of Jelly, lighter, safer, and easier to bear.

Gello was based on Chromium m42 (version of April 2015), but have become unreliable, the team has been forced to work in a browser lighter, less vulnerable and easier to maintain, Jelly, based on Chromium m58. Even so, they are looking for the way to do that Gello is available to download for users who still wanted to be mobile.

at the moment, these are the most important changes that have been made in the latest ‘nightly’, which should already be available for most devices. Hopefully in future versions you can return the Nexus 4, because you can still give enough war in the world of development.

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LineageOS is updated: new browser and end of support for the Nexus 4
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May 16, 2017

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