Link Epona change to a bike Mario Kart 8

Nintendo Link shows the vehicle for racing game.
Link will join Mario kart 8 in the form of downloadable content with other characters in a pack will also offer new and circuits . Now Nintendo has presented the bike to Link.
So, the hero of the series The Legend of Zelda in November Sumaré racing game Mario with a bike as a vehicle badge.
The first pack will arrive in November and the second will in 2014 and may be purchased for 8 euros each or 12 euros pack two from the eShop or from a new menu option in the game.
Each pack includes a new cup (four new circuits) and other retro (four circuits rescued from previous installments). It will also be the first time in the history of the series that be characters from outside the world of Mario, and Link from The Legend of Zelda or villager from Animal Crossing. This will also affect including circuits . longer vehicles, as one inspired by the F-Zero series and another in Excitebike
 Link on Epona change a bike in Mario Kart 8


Link Epona change to a bike Mario Kart 8
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October 16, 2014

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