List of things you can do with your old Android


been a few years since Android landed in Spain in the form of HTC Dream and HTC Magic and since then, many manufacturers, models and types of Android with their respective versions of operating systems have been occupying most of our country houses.

However, as they have been moving Android versions and initials, and manufacturers have reached a certain left outdated Android models, they have been gradually replaced by more advanced modern or current versions this does not mean that the terminal has outlived its usefulness or validity and that is why we would like to show you a list of things you can also connected to different mobile applications such as a dedicated device for a function, to children, for testing and experimentation or for other things .

As dedicated device

If you have kids :

Fun , testing and programming :

  • Tweaking with ROMs or install Cyanogenmod
  • Remove the device
  • Recording a radio control airplane or helicopter or a helium balloon.
  • Try Play Store applications before installing them on our main phone
  • phone as a backup (in case we stolen, damaged, lose, etc. our main phone)

Everything else :

  • redeem for discounts on the purchase of a new phone (Type scrappage scheme)
  • Donate it to a developer
  • Give it away to a family member
  • Donate it to charity

be for things you can do with your old Android!

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List of things you can do with your old Android
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November 10, 2013

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