Listening to audio from YouTube with the screen off

YouTube lovers, we have good news.

The YouTube app for Android is pretty good, but incredibly we still missing a option that allows us to continue to listen to audio from YouTube even when we turn off the screen of your Smartphone, especially when we want listen to music from YouTube videos instead.

the possibility of months ago was rumored to YouTube finally include a function to play audio in the background, but for now the illusion is still in the air and continue waiting.

Thanks to YouTube inverted, a modified version of YouTube created by a user of XDA Developers can continue listening to the audio of YouTube even with the screen off.

The only thing to do in demos uninstall the official version of YouTube, then APK install the modified version that find the end.

Once installed, open the YouTube app we just installed and the menu options we will “Advances Settings”. Once there we headed to the end and we enable Screen playback off option. The following pictures give you a clearer picture:

Youtube Background apk Listening to audio off YouTube

Significantly that even closely resembles the official app, YouTube inverted aims to change the look to a black tone, plus of course, its function to play audio in the background is quite useful.

Download APK Here


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Listening to audio from YouTube with the screen off
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August 13, 2014

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