Loader Droid: Manage downloads completely on your phone


downloads are a basic part of Internet use. While you can simply use direct downloads via browser, many prefer to use download managers, especially for big things like ROMs (Note the 2 based on the prowl stock Giga), and combine them with torrent type services. Earlier we covered how to perform both types of download: the torrent can be downloaded by uTorrent for Android , while the direct download managers the cover in a Comparison special or separately (like Easy Dowloader Pro ). But as often happens, out new apps to consider, and for that we are.

Loader Droid is a very complete download manager. To start grouped by type downloads , which is quite useful when you start to accumulate. It also allows us choose the name of the download and the folder where will place , important if you want to leave discharges in the external card and maintain order with names.


But the strengths of the application are started over once the download: can pause and resume the download, and divide it into smaller parts and even schedule when downloading each part. The application also allows indicate which file to download depending on your connection allow , so that if you lose your wifi, 3g not spend, but the download will resume when recover the wi-fi.

As cons I found two: the application is in English, but gets along very well with the standard browser, takes no links to all browsers (in my case Firefox Aurora). Language is not a major obstacle, since the application is quite easy to handle, and links to trap no matter if you just want to occasionally large packets. My recommendation, use a compatible browser, combined with other managers for downloads minor or send the link to the download manager sending the file as “share …” . Even these small problems, considering that has a free version (with ads) and occupies only 1.5M is an application worth leaving in the drawer for when you need it.
Org.zloy.android . downloader

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Loader Droid: Manage downloads completely on your phone
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