Magiapp: Truca your photos to fool your friends on Whatsapp

One application that has become more popular over time is Whatsapp, and acceptance is impressive so big it has. With the number of smartphones that abound in the world and we find many people using this messaging client. Such is the popularity that I at least I have until my father giving the whatsapp, and the man is 61 years old.

And if I have some quibbles too often, security is not entirely reliable since many rob us longer than we want, WhatsApp is a medium that is used almost daily so nothing better than to make a joke now and then and play . Especially when we are in a group with friends, we spend Magiapp occasional pretty funny prank.

Magiapp allows us to do a trick with some imagination, and why not deny some bad milk, can make us laugh a lot. Because this application allows to preview the photos trucar one thing and then when you open the file will see another . One trick that this application is made in no time and it will make the joker of the group is at the height of the bitumen.

Let’s say we want to tease our friend the jokes, the pesadito that always teases us. An effective way to attract attention would be with a picture of a girl in a bikini for example, as it will foot to open the image, and when I do … SURPRISE! With the application is so easy as in the first box put the photo you want to preview in the chat of WhatsApp, and the square on the right put the picture of what you really want to display. It’s that easy. The program then allows us to directly share Whatsapp.

 A fun app to play pranks that is simple, light and at a given time can provide a laugh with friends or family. Me and I have some ideas, What about you?

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Magiapp: Truca your photos to fool your friends on Whatsapp
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October 16, 2012

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