Majesco confirms that focuses entirely on downloadable games

David Rector is the new CEO and president
Majesco has changed its CEO and announced a change in its prime directive . Will leave the game distribution format physical and going to bet entirely by the digital format as part of a series of esfuerzoa to improve their performance and achieve benefits.
Jesse Sutton is the outgoing CEO. He took office in December 2007 and has sent a letter to shareholders Majesco explaining that the company reduced staff and they will leave the segment of games in physical format to reduce costs.

“We have faced increasing challenges in market conditions as we watched how the subprime market games in physical format was reduced in importance,” said Sutton to justify Majesco “has reduced its exposure to physical and market has taken a renewed interest in the business of downloadable games, which dominate the market approach. “
Thus, the company will focus on downloadable game for PC and consoles, as well as Mobile . It is confirmed that they will work on a new game called Glue and the return of A Boy and His Blob .

Layoffs in the company

Sutton also confirms that “we have dramatically reduced our staffing levels,” but has not revealed how many namely workers made redundant employment, but that the company now has only five permanent employees .
also stresses that fixed costs have been reduced to “maintain attention in the business of downloadable play games, which is essentially a business Royalty in which the games are downloaded from maintained by companies like Valve, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo “servers.


closed for Sutton changes culminating in his departure from office. Majesco has chosen David Rector as the new CEO and chairman of the board.
Sutton receive no direct financial compensation for leaving office, but Majesco has signed a contract for his now former distribution business physics is assumed by a new subsidiary, Zift Interactive, owned by Sutton. Sutton will remain as a director of Majesco for at least two years.


Majesco confirms that focuses entirely on downloadable games
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August 9, 2015

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