Make a backup of your Mac into Dropbox or Google Drive with Arq

Make a backup of your Mac into Dropbox or Google Drive with Arq

Thanks to the application of Haystack Software can make an encrypted backup of all the contents of our computer storage service that we like.

We can not deny that Apple is one of the companies that invest in efforts to protect the information of its users through innovative backup systems. We only have to look at Time Machine in OS X or Time Capsule. However, in recent times it seems that Apple has focused more on improving backups on iOS in OS X. And is that while mobile devices like the iPhone or iPad are able to make a backup automatically cloud, a Macbook (which after all is also a mobile device) must be satisfied with it locally.

Arq takes backups of OS X to the cloud is not a question of underestimating Time Machine backups or locally, but if we spent all day up and down the last thing you want is having to carry an extra hard drive for backup . Ideally carry Apple’s iCloud backups to OS X, but until then we’ll have to settle for Arq , a software developed by Haystack which allows us to perform a backup in the cloud.

It is thanks to this application we can use our own space Google Drive or Dropbox to save your most important files to your computer for safekeeping. And if that were not enough also supports Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier , SFTP servers, Greenqloud, DreamObjects or any compatible server S3. The options and the price range is very wide.

In addition, unlike Time Machine, Arq not only takes care of saving a backup of the files on your Mac, you can also keep safe the data from our external hard drives and even NAS . Any type of storage we ride on our Mac can be copied by Arq in a safe place. As expected, choose the service you choose and we copy what we copy transfer is always performed in encrypted form automatically every time (whenever we are connected to the network).

While the UI is not as elegant as the Time Machine, Arq also allows us to recover a particular file from the backup. And as you might expect, it is also able to completely restore the contents of a HDD or our own Mac.

Although personally use Dropbox and Time Machine to keep safe the files on my Mac, I found in Arq a perfect ally to make a backup in the cloud of files (by size) keep on external hard drives.

If Arq he has called the attention you can try it free for 30 days or you can buy a license for $ 39.99 .


Make a backup of your Mac into Dropbox or Google Drive with Arq
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March 7, 2015

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