Make the most out of these 4 tricks with WhatsApp

Make the most out WhatsApp tricks with these 4

Who does not use WhatsApp? I guess very few. In recent years led WhatsApp widely among all instant messaging services, and although there have been many applications built to rival seeking, only a few such as Line and WeChat, to name a few have managed to capture a significant number of users .

In view of the importance of WhatsApp for 90% of Android users, we have taken on the task of compiling the best tips for getting more out.

Change your phone number without losing any data WhatsApp

WhatsApp includes a feature that few know. When we change number is not necessary to uninstall the application or use complex methods to migrate our WhatsApp to another number. In the application settings there is an option to perform the process in a simple way.

migrate to another number whatsapp Make the most out WhatsApp tricks with these 4

For this, all we have to do is: open within the application Settings & gt; Info Account & gt; Change number. Then we have to write the old number in the first box, and in the second we enter the new number.

Once verified the new number, and chat history, groups and others will be migrated to the new account.

WhatsApp Chat Bubbles

One of the best features of Facebook Messenger is your chat bubbles, a useful way to notify that allows us to respond to messages without leaving what we are doing at the time of receiving the message.

 whatsapp chat bubbles Make the most out WhatsApp tricks with these 4

There is an application that offers chat bubbles WhatsApp. With WhatsApp Chat Heads can even customize the colors of the LED notifications for different people and their sounds and colors in each chat bubble. Unfortunately this application requires root access to run

WhatsApp Protect your security with PIN

No one likes others to watch their conversations, although the WhatsApp app is not that it is very private to say thanks to WhatsApp Lock can give some security to our account

 block whatsapp with pin Make the most out WhatsApp tricks with these 4

What makes this application is that it allows us to create an unlock PIN that must be entered each time you go to open the application, so that prying eyes can not do anything if they have the password to open WhatsApp

Receive notifications on your computer

There are many applications that show us in our computer notices that we receive on the phone, however, a of the best for this purpose is certainly Desktop Notifications .

In this case, in order to receive notifications on the screen of our computer, we will also have to install an update to install the Chrome or Firefox (depending on which browser you use).

Get more notificationsandroid Desktop WhatsApp advantage of these 4 tricks

Solo with matching both applications Desktop Notifications , and begin to receive notifications on the computer.

In this last tip also works the application Pushbullet , is clear that last offers many other features.

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Make the most out of these 4 tricks with WhatsApp
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August 24, 2014

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