Make the most out of these eight supplements Whatsapp

WhatsApp has become a must have of mobile phones is undeniable. Now if you have “guasá” and not bother to contact you , although not the best option.

Our our Blog Omicrono , which as you know we address issues of technology and gadgets in general, a certain Isma which occasionally gives for writing explaining that even being really insecure, is the most used, and I invite you that you go by there to go into details.

Here we will focus on trying to improve a little this application, rather than internally or security, are added or extras that will do more dynamic and we offer some options that we can find more or less interesting, but it’s always good to take them into account .

ons for Whatsapp

Well, the first in the list, and in this case it should be there, is the application “father”, which are docked on the other . I emphasize this because if anyone browsing Google Play, it is easy to see comments like “does not open, it sucks. Uninstalled and 0 Stars “ in” applications “as themes for launchers, for example, where it is more than likely that the above does not have the launcher even necessary for that purpose.

Well, part of this subsection, for that, you need the application Whatsapp . With it we can blah blah blah. I think we all already know, so I leave the link if there’s someone who does not have it installed.

WhatsApp Wallpaper

This addon is the creator of Whatsapp own company, and we added a few funds that are not available in the original.


for WhatsApp

This addition allows us to send picture messages to a list has been preset or, failing that, we can paint what we want. We can spend hours drawing, and can even take a picture from our gallery and paint over it or add puppets, for example. Interesting.

Paint for Whatsapp

Application similar to the above but much simpler. Make a couple of doodles and send it to our contacts or group. We can use to make the Ecce Homo improved.


for WhatsApp

From the makers of Z-WhatsArt for WhatsApp, we this addon, if you look at his name, but is almost as varied as far as functionality is concerned. This time we may send one preset sounds or record as adding certain robot voice effects, ACO, etc.. Also very interesting as the drawing.

SmileDraw for Whatsapp

This gives us the option of drawing those funny Smiles (fronted with different expressions) to our imagination. It also brings a few predefined memes if we can get some conversation and stay with the rock.

BoxFun and WhatsFun

Applications similar to the previous one, which lets you add emoticons, memes, text style “WordArt” postcards. It’s unbelievable what they’ve got to get some scribbles with forms and expressions in our daily life. What would we do without all the memes?

Kisses for Whatsapp

I find this a little jam, truth. We take a photo and filled with kisses, so that we link to see how much … Well, may serve to make a joke, or … well … something … nose. Nothing, that serves to glue the pictures kisses.



And finally, one of those who like many fans of the statistics, graphs, etc.. With this application we can know how many messages sent or received, with whom we chat over us, the more times you’re hooked, etc.. Interestingly enough, really.

Now you have a bunch of extras to add to your Whatsapp and stay with the rock that does not read EAL and learns na ‘. Of course, if you ask from where did you get, do not forget to say that you have seen here, but obviemante you can download the Google Play, lest the claim then we us.


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Make the most out of these eight supplements Whatsapp
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December 30, 2012

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