Manual Gear to Fit compatible with more devices and Samsung Galaxy plus

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Along with the presentation of Samsung Galaxy S5 WWC in 2014 the two new wearables wearable devices or South Korea were presented. These three models Gear Galaxy : Gear 2 Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit . These devices take over and help us in our day to day showing the notifications we receive on our smartphone or act as a personal trainer. Definitely a breakthrough.

At the time of its release it was not known exactly compatible with other terminals of these devices but soon learned that would be compatible with many models of Samsung Galaxy, specifically 20 devices .

Samsung shows the Galaxy 20 compatible with Gear

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The time has come, Samsung shows the Galaxy devices that will be 100 % compatible with the Gear range. These, as far as we see older smartphones Galaxy S3 and as for tablets, the oldest is the Galaxy Note supports 10.1 2014 edition. In total we will have 20 devices compatible with Gear range, a group of 12 smartphones and 8 tablets .

In my opinion, doing so closed Gear range seems a misconception. If we wearable devices such competition as the pulsera Huawei , we see that it is compatible with any terminal with bluetooth connectivity. It does not seem fair to be forced to have a Galaxy device to use a range of Gear. Although the Android scene and thought about this.

not only supports the Galaxy, the scene has acted

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The Android scene has not stood still and has managed to use the International Terminal Gear FIt not Samsung, for example, the flagship of HTC, the HTC One M8 .

Some developers have found a way to load the APK Gear Galaxy Fit on any Android device. This two files, one charge for another APK and sideload install like any other that will be needed. Then we let the steps:

Download the necessary files ( Gear Fit Manager , Gear Fitness App )

  • Load Gear Fit Manager by sideload by ADB with our computer terminal
    1. unloaded only tools ADB (fastboot) and put the folder on the desktop
    2. We copy Gear Fit Manager (weight 18.5 MB) ADB folder previously downloaded
    3. We enable the USB Debugger (Settings> About phone> 7 Quick clicks on number of compilation> We return back and walked Developer Options> Debugger We enable USB)
    4. put our device in fastboot mode (hold down We quench and Power + Vol-in most cases)
    5. Open the terminal and type cmd or cd / Desktop / ADB and then sideload fastboot Manager.apk Fit Gear (for Linux and Mac (/.) “/.” )
    6. Ready
  • App Install Fitness Gear as any application
  • Reset (optional)
  • Start Gear Fit Manager application and link bracelet
  • Ready
  • Once we paired the Gear Fit and our device via bluetooth. In the same application can enable notifications for apps you want. Still, still gives some problems, such as when responding or alarms. Hopefully these developers go a bit further and make fully functional grab the Gear Fit with other Android devices.

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    Manual Gear to Fit compatible with more devices and Samsung Galaxy plus
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    April 16, 2014

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