Manymo – Run Android on your computer

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Having an Android emulator on a PC can be extremely useful for testing applications without the need of a mobile phone or tablet, use messaging systems (like Whatsapp, for instance) from the computer or program new practical applications.

In we have a fairly comprehensive simulator that can run free in the Internet browser. We just have to check and upload the apk file to our account, allowing to have the application running without installing anything else.

One of the many features it offers is the ability to include an android simulator at any website, so that our readers may well run and check the operation of the application you want to show the world. On their home page you can run an example, the application of dropbox for android, in one of 53 different screens, and versions of operating systems are available in Manymo .

From However, not all good news: the result is not as fluid as if we did from our mobile and also need the APK file for android application (something that sometimes is available on the developer’s page, since from Google Play is not possible to lower it).

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Manymo – Run Android on your computer
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April 21, 2013

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