Marco Arment was not feeling well

Marco Arment was not feeling well

What happened to Peace? Peace is ad blocker which reached number 1 payment applications from the App Store. Its creator, Marco Arment, has removed 36 hours after arrival.

iOS September marked the appearance of many applications adapted to it. And in this case, represents a new genre in the App Store: ad blockers and trackers for Safari. In the first two days with IOS 9, when they have not even updated itself many users who plan to do so soon, some of these blockers reached the top of the list of best-selling applications. Including payment. And the number one was … Peace , an application developer, writer and podcaster Marco Arment.

And then, wham. Peace, withdrawal from the App Store , just 36 hours after his arrival. With a few thousand dollars raised by the way. Why? According Arment, “I just do not feel right” .

The influence of The Deck

The Deck is a digital advertising network that is distinguished by being simple, simple, no intrusive and more elegant than the usual competitors. Among its members are A List Apart, Daring Fireball (John Gruber, a personal friend of Arment), Dribbble, SimpleBits, Six Colors, Twitterrific, Instapaper, The Noun Project … Well, The ads also Deck They are blocked . And it was not known if this was going to happen.

The matter is that …

  1. Few people expected that the popularity of ad blockers Peace was as high as in the early hours with iOS 9. And even less to pay. And keep in mind that Peace is not an app for $ 0.99, but $ 3.99. Total estimates give a profit, after the commission of Apple, of just over $ 100,000 in the first 36 hours.

  2. The Deck would also be drawn? Nobody said for sure if he would be among the filtered or not. At the end of the day, the spirit of an ad blocker is to fight bad user experience when visiting a website and intrusive advertising. Of the latter there may be many successfully performed, often penalizing the advertiser and the publisher , but there was room for hope in The Deck, to believe that their model would be valid for a adblocker and not going to be swallowed too. Not so.


In the post Arment, he has recommended alternatives and explained that accept requests for withdrawal of money . Good time to emphasize again “did not feel right” and to sense pressure until three days ago who was his friend, The Deck, affected by the application of Arment.

blockers are inevitable, they are not going to go, and make sense, but there are also ways to contribute to the media that you like while reaching solutions. blockers are to some extent inevitable, and at least that they have appeared in recent play of AdBlock Plus cleaner that way. Media task will be to find new ways to monetize the audience, traffic and community. It will also be the task of the users, if they want to maintain their free collaboration means, keep those who do not use intrusive and excessive forms of advertising whitelist, that is, remove blockers.

A Blocker only blocks advertising. It is not intended simply to not see ads. Also penalizes sites that abuse it as interstitials , scripts and others, which in turn penalize the user causing increased consumption of mobile data and battery. The problem? That the reputation of a product affects the whole genre. If most media and many mainstream media resort to these techniques, no one will blockading one by one, but all end up in the sack blocker in question.

More than the fact that Apple allows blockers Peace in its App Store, what should make us think is its enormous success . Especially surprising in the case of payment. It seems inevitable that you will get a transition that we know advertising is forced to change. It happened with the Pop-ups , coming very least from the browsers themselves include native options to block them. It happened with Flash for similar reasons. It happens now in a more comprehensive way. Meanwhile, if you want to support a medium you like, and have decided to use an ad blocker, which seems perfectly understandable, put on the white list. is the best way (if that no subscription model released by MacStories to contribute to such means get on with your work.


Marco Arment was not feeling well
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September 18, 2015

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