Maria Nobody summary

Author: Marta Brunei, storyteller, essayist and poet, 1901-1967.

Other works: Mountain inside, Beast harmful Welcome, Mary Rosa, Fl0r of Quillen, Downstream, smoke to the south, the screen, Amasijo (novels), Don Fl0risondo, sun Rel0j Stories Marisol, Root of dreams, blood Soledad (stories), literary essays, and a book of poems for children.

Synopsis: The Colluco comes @ the same time the timber industry in the region, an activity for which employers are compelled l0s @ build the railroad station, more to haul timber to transport people. @ From this moment, the Colluco be populated by newcomers workers @ the area and small houses; arises school and an inn. The narrator tells the story of Reinaldo, one of l0s new settlers, in charge of the construction work in the puebl0. Thus we learn the need for affection misunderstood Reinaldo during childhood, of frustrated desires come @ be conductive mass due @ the authority of the father, the journey to get married Colluco available where your mother. With Ernestine, wife, discovers sexuality and procreation a son, nicknamed Cacho, but above all, we love that he wakes Maria Lopez.

A peculiar woman who answers to the nickname of the Flask is l0s other players. Her resilience to l0s vicissitudes of life, love for the fainthearted Lindor, but primarily by his son Rabbit, center their existence.
Responsible Intriguing mail and telegraph, “Misia Melescia” and Liduvina, form characters antagonistic to the widow, the first represents the traditional widow @ bitter, ugly and moody, while his sister seeks always be young and beautiful. Finding out secrets l0s l0s puebl0 inhabitants becomes the only point of interest in the lives of these two women, whose daily life is disrupted with the arrival of the telephone, Maria Lopez.
Even before his arrival, @ because of the amendments to be made @ the house of widows, “Misia Melescia” choose not to accept @ the intruder. Liduvina, however, expected their friendship, and all the puebl0 is @ the expectation of the soon to come.

Maria Lopez proves to be a handsome young redhead reserved and which also uses pantal0nes and listen to the radio all day, breaking puebl0 l0s social schemes. Ell0 makes it all the Colluco rejected by some more than for others. There are those who accept and between ell0s include the Rabbit and Cacho.
These and the operator initiates a friendship full of pleasant fantasy. They have their first meeting in a secret place of Mt. When Mary appears, ell0s adopt it in their world of elves and fairies, and allocated the role of “the girl cabell0s gold l0s”, @ who every evening they collected in their regal0s countless trips into the countryside. Among l0s Rabbit gifts include bunches of violets, found in the area thanks @ his audacity and tenacity. For this reason, when Cacho discovers a violet jacket lapel Reinaldo, his father, and communicates the Rabbit l0, both feel betrayed by the young. By this broken friendship with her and we discover the first love of the Rabbit, who after the episode goes into a terrible state of cel0s and depression. However, Rabbit cel0s l0s to Reinaldo not entirely unfounded. @ The arrival of Maria Lopez to Colluco, Reinaldo immediately falls for her and, although not the besieged nor offers any kind of relationship, lives wishing that it be given in a way, but by conventions of puebl0 l0s is impossible.

The arrival of a troupe becomes the catalyst for major events. When all the puebl0 and l0s inhabitants of nearby villages are gathered the evening of the premiere, the arrival of Maria Lopez, despite @ @ be dressed in the style of the place, arouses escándal0. Saluting @ Reinaldo families and Don Lindor, Mary notices and does not avoid the presence of the Rabbit, but he takes refuge from his mother’s arms l0s.
This action causes the Flask imagine an intimate relationship between her and his son and insult @ Mary. “Misia Melescia” takes this situation to immediately run the puebl0 @ the girl, yelling expletives and call Maria Nobody.
Maria returns @ home and @ monól0go way inside, reflects on his life. We learned then of their struggle for economic independence and morally, trying to break the careerism of his parents, to his love affair with Archangel Gabriel, a situation that had become very tense and nervous about their irregularity, and the consequent unwanted pregnancy Lover.

While Gabriel proposes abortion, Maria decides to have @ his son and runs away. The next day meet, and after he makes love violently, she loses the baby.
This is of Mary terminates its relationship with Gabriel and go @ live to Colluco where hoped to rebuild his life. But after “Misia Melescia” Maria Nobody calls, realize the deep love he still feels for Gabriel. Back @ the city in search of her former lover and finds the opportunity to María López, María someone.
This novel, published in 1957, is one of the first in Chilean literature showing female characters as complex and also questioned l0s social conventions, the pressure forces @ to sacrifice personal desires and capabilities.
Marta Brunei is an important Latin American storyteller, and Mary No one is catal0gada as one of his best known works inside and outside the country .

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Maria Nobody summary
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