Mario Casas and Adriana Ugarte, an epic and emotional journey to Guinea colonial


  • Monday begins on Gran Canaria filming ‘Snow Palm’.
  • adapts the novel by Luz Gabas.
  • has a budget of 10 million, 70 actors and 250 technicians.

 Mario Casas

Mario Casas and Adriana Ugarte , two of the most dynamic actors of the moment, will face life and intrigue, adventure and forbidden love Palmeras in snow , epic and intimate drama set in colonial Guinea, whose shooting starts next Monday in Gran Canaria.

“Large” is the word that has repeated all equipment, captained by Fernando Gonzalez Molina, in the presentation of the shoot: great for the amount of ingredients in novel Gabás Light and large project 10 million euro budget , 70 actors, 250 technicians and 2,200 extras.

La Finca de Osorio located in the municipality of Teror canary has already become the Sampaka Villa of the island of Fernando Poo, a cocoa plantation in which much of the plot takes place and that over six and a half weeks has been rebuilt with high fidelity to the original.

It will cross past and present, as l a history spanning from the fifties to the present. Clarence, character Adriana Ugarte is who triggers the action, when in Huesca in 2003 found an old letter and decides to travel in the footsteps of his ancestors, his uncle Killian (houses) and his father James.

“Clarence is a character with a need to know and needs to be completed,” says the actress. “So undertakes the initiation and healing journey” . At the end, add, learn that “the past can not be changed and that the answers are in the present.”

Mario Casas, the film has everything a viewer can dream . “It’s a story of roots, love, family, trip back in Guinea, adventure, action” lists, but yes, “what changes to Killian, its engine, is the love of a Guinean woman you going to do to continue to fight there. “

From Chile to Spain

The actor, who just roll with Antonio Banderas in Chile 33 , based on the accident that trapped the miners in a number of exploitation northern Chile four years ago, took the brunt here interpretive and has had to learn Guinean dialect.

“Yes scary, but you have to maintain the dignity “ says about his character, who comes to the island” as a child that have told stories paradise, but gradually begins to realize that all is not gold that glitters. ”

Four days before shooting began, the team still has a lot of discretion on the intricacies of the story and the cast, where you will also Macarena García or Emilio Gutiérrez Caba.

González Molina, an expert on literary adaptations Three Meters Above the Sky or Tengo ganas de ti, you already worked with Casas, this is your challenge more complex.

“I did not want to do another adaptation, but seeing Palmeras in snow I could not resist,” says . It is a project “atractivísimo, which has a complete journey: loss of innocence, interracial love, discovery of the father, family loss,” he says.

also very complex, precisely its size, the number of players, time and covering 800 pages of a novel.

Along with Sergio G. Sánchez, writer of orphanage or The impossible , have endeavored to do an exercise ” simplification and specificity “, sacrificing plots and secondary characters explains. “If not, it was impossible.”

trauma Guinea

Both he and producer Adrian Guerra (Nostromo Pictures), the story also touches them personally, as both, like the writer Luz Gabás have ancestors who lived in Guinea during the Spanish colonization.

“It’s a very unknown story,” says the director, “we do not have very much. Maybe because is too recent for many was a trauma” have to leave behind their lives when they ended the period of colonization.

Nostromo Pictures ( Buried , Red Lights ), the film features the participation of Telefónica Atresmedia Film Studios. After ten weeks in Gran Canaria, the filming will move to Colombia two weeks and three days Huesca. The premiere is scheduled in December 2015.


Mario Casas and Adriana Ugarte, an epic and emotional journey to Guinea colonial
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July 11, 2014

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