Mario Kart Tour: all the challenges of the 2nd week of Paris and new developments

Mario Kart Tour approaches its second week of the season in Paris, and with it come a fresh batch of challenges and innovations for the pipes.

From last week we live in Mario Kart Tour the season of Paris. The Tour through the streets of the beautiful French city brings us to the game of Nintendo, as always, a number of challenges that we can complete to go winning Maxiestrellas, and thus to overcome the cups and the tables of classification. On this occasion, since today same day, November 13, already unlocked the challenges of the second week of the season. I head on over to your vehicles to get them all!

We're excited to introduce a new course in #MarioKartTour, Paris Promenade! Take in the sights as you race through the French capital. But don't get too close to the edge of the road—some of the greenery is out to get you!— Mario Kart Tour (@mariokarttourEN) November 7, 2019

The challenges of the 2nd week of Paris

now we are going To show you the new list of challenges is already available by the second week of the Tour of Paris. Are the following:

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  • Hit 5 times with bananas.
  • Get a total of 100 coins.
  • Remove 5 traffic cones.
  • Delete 5 crabs.
  • Hitting 3 times with the shell of Bowser.
  • Delete 5 Plants Piranha.
  • Break 5 jars.
  • Get the first place, and they have no rollover.
  • Get 7000 points or more using a pilot with a crown.

of course, you’ve also got available the challenges of the first week that debuted with the start of this season. You can check from this link. In addition to the players that have paid for the Pass Gold, the monthly subscription 5.49€ Mario Kart Tour, also have their own unique challenges during this season, which I show here below.

Challenges of the Pass Gold

  • Perform 3 combos fantastic.
  • Throw a lightning bolt 3 times.
  • Perform 10 rebufos.
  • Perform 10 times a ultraminiturbo in a single race.
  • Hitting 3 times with the superbocina.
  • Get the first place in 3 races of 200 cc.
  • Get 50 coins in a single race.
  • Get 7000 points or more using a pilot with cap.
  • Make 3 rebufos in a single race.

The season concludes on the day 20

remember that you have as peak until next Wednesday 20 November at 06:59 pm (local time) to take advantage of this season, it will be then when Nintendo will sweep it under the carpet and move to the next. Therefore, this is the last day until which you will be able to complete all the challenges if they still have any in the pipeline. Good luck!

a Shy Guy (Pastry chef) in the pipe!

The novelty of this week for the pipes in the game has as its protagonist the pilot Shy Guy (Pastry chef). This character can be your if you are lucky spending rubies in the pipes. Its special feature is the Canyon of Mushroom turbo, with which you can be very fast. In addition to the vehicle highlights of the pipe is the Turbobulbo, category Megasingular, which prolongs the acceleration of the panels turbo and increases the bonus points when you use them.

finally, we also present the Superala Tricolor (thus named because it is a reference to the flag of France). This delta wing increases the odds of getting a mushroom turbo in the boxes of objects. The bonus of the season makes the third circuit each glass is right for this driver, this vehicle and this delta wing.

you Already know the news of this last week in Paris. Remember to check out our guide skills of the pilots, or our tips on how to work the turbos and drifting in the game. Nintendo has recently spoken of that is happy with the success is taking in mobile this Mario Kart.

Mario Kart Tour: all the challenges of the 2nd week of Paris and new developments

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