Mario Kart Tour: challenges of the 1st week of Paris and novelties already available

Starts a new season in Mario Kart Tour centered in Paris, the city of lights. Come the challenges of the 1st week as well as new additions to the runs of the pipes.

now available in Mario Kart Tour the new update that takes us to Paris, the city of lights. Starts one more season, the fourth on this occasion, with new challenges by completion and updates as new versions of characters to the pipe, vehicles, and more. Are you going to lose?

Paris, from the 6th until the 20th of November

As we expect from Nintendo in the policy updates of Mario Kart Tour, the players can already download the new version of the game, that it occupies in our mobile devices about 102MB. The update brings the Tour of Paris Mario Kart Tour and we will be able to enjoy this season a total of two weeks (again, no surprises in this aspect). In particular, the season in Paris has started today same day on 6 November at 07:00 p. m. time of the peninsula, and will extend until the 20th of November at the same time.

All the challenges in the 1st week of Paris

One of the major developments that brings with each new Tour are the challenges of season. Small goals that challenge us to perform certain actions in our careers and that we awarded several prizes as may be the coveted Maxiestrellas. The first week of challenges this season Paris has already been unlocked, and these are the challenges to be met:

  • Hitting 3 times with hearts on green.
  • Get the first place in 3 races of 150 cc or a higher category.
  • Perform 100 times a miniturbo.
  • Hitting 3 times with Bob-ombs in a race.
  • Hitting 3 times with carapaces of green in a race using a pilot with shell.
  • Unleash the fury 10 times.
  • Do a dump to rival 3 times using a Bill Balla.
  • Cross the finish line, suffering a roll-over a total of 3 times.
  • Get 7000 points or more using a pilot short sleeved.

The second part of the challenges will come in the second week of the season, the 13th of November.

Challenges of the Pass-Dorado of the season

The players that have paid for the Pass Gold, the monthly subscription 5.49€ Mario Kart Tour, also have their own unique challenges during this season. Since they are all available and are the following:

  • Perform 3 combos fantastic.
  • Throw a lightning bolt 3 times.
  • Perform 10 rebufos.
  • Perform 10 times a ultraminiturbo in a single race.
  • Hitting 3 times with the superbocina.
  • Get the first place in 3 races of 200 cc.
  • Get 50 coins in a single race.
  • Get 7000 points or more using a pilot with cap.
  • Make 3 rebufos in a single race.

make New versions of characters and more what’s new!

on the other hand, come as news to the pipes in the game. The characters added this season to the already extensive list of pilots, there are 3 new versions of old acquaintances. In particular, these:

  • Peach (Vacation): Skill Box of coins.
  • Shy Guy (Pastry chef): Skill Cannon mushroom turbo.
  • Toad (Pit): Ability Flower boomerang.

Each one of these runners will have as you see your skill special and its own circuits enabling, among which is the great novelty of this season, the Boulevards of Paris, a perfect place for visiting the beautiful streets of the city of paris. In addition, also have added new vehicles as the Locomokong dorado, the Aerodinamicus, the Turbobulbo and the Macaron Strawberry. And in the section of hang gliders we have the Wing Tricolor and the Crepe of Strawberry.

Awards with the season pass

Mario Kart Tour wins of the season pass Paris

This time the awards for the season pass standard are related to Diddy Kong. While the Pass-Golden have of its protagonist the Mario Metal. You can see all the prizes in the pass on the image that is on these lines. You will need get many Maxiestrellas to ganároslos.

Remember that if you need help for your Mario Kart racing Tour, you can visit our complete guide with articles that will serve you to win all the cups and complete challenges. It has been recently announced a multiplayer beta exclusive for players to Spend Gold to open in the month of December.

Mario Kart Tour: challenges of the 1st week of Paris and its new developments already available

Mario Kart Tour: challenges of the 1st week of Paris and novelties already available
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November 6, 2019

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