‘Marseille’ trailer promising first French series of Netflix


Just yesterday took advantage el announcement of the first Spanish series of Netflix to do a complete review its twelve other local productions and today the company has decided it was time to launch the final trailer for ‘Marseille’, his first series made in France that has the big claim of the presence at the front of the cast of Gérard Depardieu .

Split eight episodes , we will tell the story of a controversial electoral race for mayor of Marseille between Robert (Depardieu), who has 25 years held the position against a young aspirant (Benoît Magimel) equally ambitious and ruthless him, with the particularity that the first elected in the time the second to be his successor. Sounds interesting, right ?

‘Marseille’ it created by Dan Franck -‘Résistance’- and its release is scheduled for next May 5 .

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‘Marseille’ trailer promising first French series of Netflix
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April 5, 2016

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