Martin McDonagh: “‘Three announcements in the outskirts’ is deliberately unpleasant and difficult. It is not the Avengers”

Martin McDonagh Sam Rockwell in Three Ads in the Outskirts

‘Three announcements in the outskirts’ (‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’) is one of the films most mentioned in the awards season in which we are still immersed. Won 4 Golden Globes, triumphed in the awards SAG (screen actors guild) and sum 7 Oscar nominations, being a favorite in at least three sections: best original screenplay, actress and supporting actor.

Sam Rockwell is the one who has more options for victory in the last category is the person who has been receiving the awards until now, although he writes that his buddy Woody Harrelson could “rob” the Oscar. If you win Rockwell will brighten up the controversy on the portrait and the evolution of the racist police, which it interprets. The screenwriter and director of the film, Martin McDonagh, has come out in defense of his work… but if you have not yet seen the peícula, do not continue reading because there are spoilers.

Frances McDormand, Peter bad griesbach and Martin McDonagh

If you are here is that you have seen ‘Three announcements in the outskirts’ or gives you like to know what happens in the end. Well, the controversy arises by the story arc of Dixon (Rockwell), a violent police officer who, in the final stretch, a change of heart and decides to help the mother who embodies Frances McDormand. This turn has been seen as redemption and has not sat at all well to a part of the viewers to african-americans.

it Is said “the critical white love ‘Three announcements in the outskirts’ like love to your uncles are racist”. Criticizes the script of McDonagh, and that the film is being so acclaimed and award-winning when, for these protests, “is more concerned about the feelings” of the character is racist for the harm that has been caused. The filmmaker has responded to the controversy with these statements that I think can give rise to an interesting debate:

“it Comes mainly by the idea that the character of Sam Rockwell, who is an asshole racist and intolerant, apparently it is redeemed, maybe. I don’t think his character is redeemed at all. Start being an asshole racist. At the end is basically the same thing, but by the end, it is understood that he has had to change. There is space for that, and to some extent has seen the error of their ways, but in no way assumes that it has become something like the hero redeemed of the work.”

“It should be a film deliberately unpleasant and difficult. Because it is a world that is unpleasant and difficult. You have to hold a mirror before that, a little, and say that we don’t have any kind of solution. But I think there is much hope and humanity in the film, and if you look at all of those conflicts with that in your heart, can we move to a more interesting place.”

Martin McDonagh admits that the negative reactions you have been hurt “a little” but affirms that the division of opinions is always a risk with their stories because he does not make movies “for children of six years”, this is “not the Avengers”. “We try to do something a little more difficult and more reflective,” says the filmmaker. What do you think? Do you think that there is reason for the dispute or has misinterpreted the intent of McDonagh?

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Martin McDonagh: “‘Three announcements in the outskirts’ is deliberately unpleasant and difficult. It is not the Avengers”
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February 10, 2018

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