Marvel will exploit his side cosmic with a film of Eternal

The Eternals

While many are still trying to overcome the rush —or the bajona, depending on how you look at it— that has left us in the body is fantastic ‘Vengadores: Infinity War’, in Marvel are not only still with the machinery running at full capacity, but that have already found writers for your next franchise in power: ‘The Eternal’.

The chosen to give shape to the adaptation of the comic created by Jack Kirby in 1976 have been cousins Matthew and Ryan Firpo, whose script ‘Ruin’, which was at the top of the Black List 2017 —which compiles the best scripts of the year that have not come to occur—, it will become a feature film next 2019 under the direction of Justin Kurzel‘Assassin’s Creed’—.

The Eternals 2

The history of the Eternal is temporarily located million years ago, when the cosmic entities known as the Heavenly conducted genetic experiments with human beings. From these tests emerged a beings virtually immortal and gifted with superpowers known as the Eternal and a race of creatures deformed known as the Deviant, which have been present —although in the background— throughout the history of the human race.

With this movement, Marvel Studios will expand on that factor cosmic that so good results has given them in the two deliveries made to the date of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and that has reached its high point in the search space of the Gems of the Infinite in ‘Infinity War’.

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Marvel will exploit his side cosmic with a film of Eternal
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