Masks purifying to gadgets perrunos: the curious catalogue of Xiaomi

The marks are associated with their popular products, although often their work is more diversified than it seems. Talk about Xiaomi refers in the first term to the mobile and then to technological devices and related extended use, as well as, for example, that television networks recently launched in Spain.Also it is known that boasts a vast catalog, especially as it is logical in the chinese market, but it is shocking that among their offering can be found suitcases, lamps, drones, bracelets activity for dogs, guitars, purifiers and even masks to breathe better.In his tent online the Spanish call the attention bags Xiaomi Luggage Classic 20 and Xiaomi Metal Carry-on Luggage 20 travel with style, strips with sockets and USB ports, electric toothbrushes (and headers), your version of the Rubik’s cube to play with and relieve stress (My Fidget Cube), your hairdryer and scale.The appeal extends to their (sold out) virtual reality goggles and scooters electric. More of a surprise it generates to find a laser projector that reaches the 150 inch, the bulbs with intelligent control and lamps desktop, or to the little table in the bedroom that enable different atmospheres (My Bedside Lamp 2).curiosity to find products unique is amplified when one browse through the products defined in your technology ecosystem and in its global community, an immense mixed bag from the perspective of the user. One stops to look first of all at the devices for the home and in life-style.In the first paragraph appear air purifiers, and water, whose search in NIS Store are also facial masks with technology to breathe air better. From the western approach surprises the product, brand Mijia, but you have to take into account the contamination and the volume of population existing in the asian giant.On the other hand, between the gadgets novel to use at home, MiOT Ecosystem (Xiaomi) has announced the lanzamiento of a sterilizer of fruits and vegetables with a powerful battery of 4,400 mAh.In regard to style of life, Xiaomi sells toys, clothes, shoes, products for bed and bath (from pillows to toilet seats, intelligent, and rolls of toilet paper), cooking utensils, food (preparations of blueberries), accessories of office, and objects used for the pets.This last section includes straps for dogs, collars with light and bottles of water. To this it should also be added, although in the list of watches and bracelets, the Xiaomi Smart Dog Button Tag, which could be defined as the variant barking devices that measure the activity.
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Masks purifying to gadgets perrunos: the curious catalogue of Xiaomi
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December 29, 2019

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