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Warning spoilers : although no detail especially spoileroso, notify to the Purete here spoken of the first full season of ‘Master of None’.

Aziz Ansari is not new to this, and it shows. After a book, a long monologue and her own series of sketches, has a very polished speech and that is something remarkable in “Master of None,” a dramedy of 10 episodes that premiered on Netflix at the beginning month. Ansari writes (with Alan Yang), stars and even (sometimes) runs the trip Dev, a thirty actor who tries to take your life and your relationships as you can in the current New York.

The first chapter ‘Master of None’ is the mark left and mark the style of the rest of the season; an episode centered on the life change of having children and how this affects the life, happiness, relationships with friends or your partner. It takes a few minutes to highlight the sour tone honest, direct and avoids falling into pessimism or sullen or cynical characters , a combination that is not so common in this type of dramedias author.

And the name of the author because it is so much that sometimes you will see the plume. Ansari moved here by frequent land more often, and sometimes affects the flow of the story, which gives the feeling of slowing down for the characters to express their ideas. The result is that there is very explanatory sequences that underscore both the message a little smudge naturally as the rest of the series, especially because in those times Ansari itself has a more rigid bearing and less casual .

The routine millenial

This feeling that approached me in the first-some chapters focusing on interesting topics with brilliant moments, such as the relationship of young people with their parents or with raciales- minorities Hollywood was dissipating as it moved deliveries; Ansari and Yang were polishing the way they presented their reflections and the second half of the season has been to frame .

‘Master of None’ talks about relationships and Love millennials , as marked by technology and living standards changing needs and viewing mode . The latter also affects cohabitation with other generations, are parents or grandparents; also makes his complaint on social issues such as racism or differences between men and women. There is something for everyone.

 Indians Dev opens his eyes on the Indian actor friend of Short

Basically speaking of a generation that does not quite know what to expect herself , and in this sense Ansari look out because, despite being very authorial, is careful to give voice to those involved in thought, are women (also behind the camera) to * Ladies and Gentlemen * or the elderly in Old People .

backbone of ‘Master of None’ has been the evolution of friendship Dev and Rachel (lovely Noël Wells), which have quickly revealed as a partner with a special and playful chemistry. since the cold open of the series when the condom plays them tricks, chemistry reveals both as something very organic. The summit of this is when we spent a whole weekend with them in Nashville.

From Nashville to Tokyo

That long quote is far from perfect, but never loses its quality special (for them) and shows that an appointment must not be absolutely disastrous to be fun . Aziz was crowned again in Mornings , an episode with an essence of romantic comedy that highlights in his 30 minutes that many movies hour and a half. And that again we return to enter into the world of modern relationships, with common dilemmas such as the order in the house but is again without major dramas or tremendismos . Discussions, changes in the relationship, the good times and the bad are revealed in a very organic way that is underscored by the format of morning routine over many months of living.

The season closes a crisis which underlines the main theme that commented a few paragraphs ago: thirtysomething trying to understand what they want in life . This exercise maturity happens in the case of Dev consider what you want to pursue; he wants to make a career and do you suppose that disappointment with * * The Sickening and daily advertising as an actor. No less important is his relationship with Rachel, who also has your own tribulations that challenge the level of commitment of both.


Best of ‘Master of None’ is to have its own voice but does not rush making judgments . Do not judge the characters to be lost, by taking certain decisions or make mistakes at times. Even some surprises that defy the prejudices of the viewer is allowed, not just in racial issues but more mundane matters such as infidelity and its consequences (Claire Danes has had the opportunity to leave the pots aside and show a magnetic and funny woman whose infidelity leads to an infinitely better place in their marriage).

Ansari presents ideas, thoughts and ways of seeing life. Try searching for why the behavior of each other today in certain situations, comes as victim and culprit of these forms of action (that of the tickets for the concert is a great example) on trying to deliberate and, although question seeks universal themes and show the world your vision, always manages to avoid the field of lecturing about it

‘Master of None’ is a highly recommended viewing.; a very current and daughter of his time getting series excel in an environment in which we are seeing more young voices and relevant with much to contribute. The Comedy -generally dramedia- author is in a very interesting time to maturity and in line with the changing in the society we live in, and Aziz Ansari has already earned its place.

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Aziz Ansari shines in the trailer of ‘Master of None’

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‘Master of None’ life naked before their millennials
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November 18, 2015

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