‘Mazinger Z: Infinity’: a remarkable animated entertainment that does not understand the generations

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fortunately or unfortunately, I am part of this harvest of human beings known as “millennials” and, as a member of said generation, the phenomenon ‘Mazinger Z’ I was considerably late. In addition to this, I have to admit that the adventures of Koji Kabuto and company I have never called particular attention to, beyond the undeniable charm of its premise —because no one is bitter sweet, and the fact of being able to enjoy robots giant drone giving cakes is always appreciated—.

Knowing this, I could qualify my experience with ‘Mazinger Z: Infinity’ as a sort of blind date; of those that end up coming out especially well. And it is that, despite being a neophyte in the universe created by the author japanese Gō Nagai in 1972, I have enjoyed fully the vast majority of the 95 minutes that make up the footage of this spectacular and exciting tape animated.

This new episode of the saga, directed by filmmaker Junji Shimizu —responsible for several episodes of the legendary ‘Slam Dunk’, and ‘One Piece’succeeds in its mission of providing a product that satisfies the needs of the younger audience and of all those who grew up with the original series; being one of the keys to this treatment of the characters of the most successful, with which you connect to the first change, interesándote for them, their relationships, and, of course, their physical integrity, when push comes to shove.

on top of this, queen the pride and electrifying atmosphere of the film. After an intense opening that presents the main conflict over which will turn the history, the sequence of credits makes an appearance with the legendary issue that introduced the anime classic —reinterpreted for the occasion of new by Ichirō Mizuki— to get me with the hair-like hooks, is still not very well why, and completely at the mercy of some writers that the build the effectiveness of the status-quo of the world in which is set his work.

Mazinger Z Infinity

As could not be otherwise, animation of the prides ‘Mazinger Z: Infinity’ is the height of the circumstances; highlighting especially in the moments in which the action cup the screen. It is in those fragments in which the beasts mechanical unleash your power when the power visual long, made with 3D techniques but presented in a traditional 2D in which the footprint of the digital processing is more than evident, it shines with special strength, rounding out a top entertainment to your last third does not do justice.

it Is in these late stages, when ‘Infinity’ falters, and throws overboard all the simplicity and strength that has been exhibited so far; becoming your never-ending climax in a jumble of clichés flooded by the drama rampant, and that intensity metaphysics and pseudofilosófica past of laps they both like it in the country of the rising sun. A real pity that it breaks the magic and subtracting integers to a set, in general terms, recommended.

Mazinger Z Infinity

If there is something I can praise ‘Mazinger Z: Infinity’ is, and may have chosen to exploit the resource, do not use at all the nostalgia as claim to attract the audience more grown up. The result, remarkably satisfactory, rises as an animated feature with the that you enjoy a good serving of popcorn that, in addition to appease fans of the manganime from the seventies, will leave the sector novice of the stalls wanting more.

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‘Mazinger Z: Infinity’: a remarkable animated entertainment that does not understand the generations
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January 19, 2018

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