Meadow could be the new Might and Delight

The environment seems to star in this title.
Meadow it seems to be the name that gives title to which will be the new draft Might and Delight . The image that the study has shared as a teaser shows us artistic style so characteristic . Judging from what is shown in the image, it seems that the adventure takes players, this time, to some kind of natural area where animals are the protagonists, as we are accustomed.

Might and Delight is an independent studio founded in Stockholm in 2010. some of their games, is Shelter . This is a game where the studio is responsible for put the players into contact with wildlife : you can experience the danger of the night, feeling observed by a bird of prey, flee forest fires of river floods ??
Another game studio, Paws , is to put the player in the skin of a baby lynx . Thus, accompany the animal throughout its growth stage.
In this sense, and watching the course of the study, it is likely that meadow (meaning meadow or prairie in English) also address the issue environmental in some way. Data not yet known or study shared, so far, more
 Meadow could be the new might and Delight

Meadow could be the new Might and Delight
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July 15, 2016

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