MediaMonkey Beta comes to Android, controlling all your music like never

If you I have to be honest, I’m not a fan of mobile music. I do not suppose I have much chance to listen away from home, so I’ve never seen the need for a solution. Still, I have been interested Google Music since it appeared , and I’ve been using ever since. But before Google Music have been many different solutions for music on Android.

iTunes surely dominates the desktop. I used it for a while, but with Spotify, a solution as local as iTunes was out of place for me. In my opinion a place where you do not need the music yourself, but you have all you want, is unbeatable. But still, if we do not pay for Spotify and such a service, We can set up our own “server” music , is with Google Music, Grooveshark, or solutions like today.


MediaMonkey is a media manager as it comes being iTunes, WinAmp, or Windows Media Player itself. Your music and organize with Mediamonkey the top down, with tags, ratings, accountants … This program is not new, there many people who come to use it long ago and is delighted. It has a kind of labels that work great. For example can tag a song with various genres that we consider , and when we do a search for any of them, will appear in both cases. iTunes may seem like a perfect solution for music, but make no mistake, there are many solutions, and possibly better. Just not as well known or popular, and not with a device of the same brand partner.

As I said, Mediamonkey has always been a media library with thousands of options, which now has come connection to Android. have released beta versions for both Android and Windows including synchronization between the two systems. With this we create our music library in our cloud, as it could be Google Music.

We met an app with a great interface. Holo style but with different colors that give a touch more original. We can access music by any of the categories, and can even play audiobooks, podcasts and videos. as options do not have much else, considering it is a beta. The grace of all this is precisely the synchronization between systems.

Installing Windows program will create a music server detect our Android via WiFi. Once this is done we can have synchronized manage all music on your PC on Android. An interesting detail is that counters synchronized playback, records, dates added … This means that each time you connect to our WiFi will all be adjusted and perfectly organized. Too bad we can not play streaming instead of having to download the songs.

Both applications are in beta and therefore are free. The service they offer is good so far and Seize to try out for sure.

Download MediaMonkey Beta for Android here

MediaMonkey Beta Download for Windows here

Source: Reddit

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MediaMonkey Beta comes to Android, controlling all your music like never
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