Mediatonic wants to strengthen its presence in Spain

The goal is to push the whole scene of independent developers in Spain.

Mediatonic has talked about their plans for the future taking advantage of the visit of the founders to the study of Madrid, The british company, specialized in games for the casual audience, you are creating titles such as Gears! Pop, presented at the conference of Microsoft’s E3 2019.

Mediatonic Madrid organized an event that was attended by Dave Bailey and Paul Croft, the founders of the company. And is that Mediatonic began its journey in 2005 with games for the casual audience to browsers with contracts for companies such as Electronic Arts, Popcap, Nickelodeon, or Lego.

Trajectory of the study

In 2009 they released Amateur Surgeon in collaboration with Adult Swim, a real success with more than 100 million downloads. In 2010 began to develop titles for console, without neglecting the business of the games for web and mobile devices.

Among the most important titles of his career include Superbia (developed for Disney), the amazing Hatoful Boyfriend (a simulator of appointments with pigeons) and Heavenstrike Rivals, created for Square Enix. They also developed Fable Fortune, a card game inspired by the famous saga of Microsoft, and PC Building Simulator, a game that has over 500,000 copies sold on Steam.

His next two releases will be Gears POP! and Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, which was nominated to best indie game of E3 and face simultaneously to 100 players in a contest inspired by the classic television Humor Amarillo of the years 90.

headquarters in Madrid will grow to 70 employees in two years

In the event at the headquarters of Madrid Dave Bailey explained that “we have found incredible people here.” Mediatonic Madrid was founded two years ago, and since then they have expanded its staff from 4 to 19 people., And its intention is to have 70 employees in the period of two years.

Enrique Alcor is the technical director and already working in the central London when it opened the studio in madrid in November of 2017. The intent of the founders of the company and of the template of Mediatonic Madrid is to convert the studio into a meeting place for independent developers of our country, and therefore invited to the event to various representatives of the domestic industry, from associations such as DEV and FemDevs to universities such as ESNE, and U-tad.

“it Has been an amazing time to celebrate the opening of the new office in Madrid”, said Dave Bailey. “The developer community is incredibly committed, and have traveled from all over Spain to participate in this event and show us your support. Has been great to be able to listen to the developers talk about very important topics relating to the industry and the way in which they have shared what they have learned. I Hope that this new space can contribute to and encourage this kind of dialogue positive“.

“Above all,” added Bailey, “we have to play together and enjoy the moment while we are witnesses of the exciting future and the growth potential in Spain. Thanks to all who made possible an event so positive.”

Mediatonic wants to strengthen its presence in Spain
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