Meet the new Jurassic dinosaurs we see in World

Meet the new Jurassic dinosaurs we see in World

A bit of the premiere of Jurassic World is time to meet the new dinosaurs first appear on the screen. The ex...

A bit of the premiere of Jurassic World is time to meet the new dinosaurs first appear on the screen.

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The expected time is coming, that when we visit again into the Island To dim. Things are different from the first time we were there, along with the characters in the film directed by Steven Spielberg 1993. This tape was based on the novel by Michael Crichton and gave way to a franchise that, with its successes and failures, is creating a buzz in the audience.

New dinosaurs will be seen for the first time in this issue

So, Jurassic World puts us 22 years after the events seen in the first film. The dream of John Hammond has 10 years running smoothly but boom Initial the park has been declining and the board decides such an ambitious move as dangerous: create a new dinosaur. This new attraction will be the headache of the characters in the film that is to be released and directed Colin Trevorrow.

But not only that dinosaur created by men will star in the film, other new species appear first screen time in the franchise’s park in Island To dim. We know these dinosaurs, some of its features and, of course, the star that gives rise to the hardships that will park visitors. Jurassic World premieres 11 in Mexico and 12 in Spain.


Also known as brontosaurus or apatosaurus reach a size of 4.5 meters high to the hips and a Total logitud 26 meters its weight is around 24 tons. They are considered as the greatest animals that have existed on Earth. Jurassic World Before all we had were their skeletons and the first to be completed and was exposed to the public it was precisely one of these huge animals. They are of the same class of dinosaurs that brachiosaurus, the first to be seen in the first film, but in a different family.


Its name is derived from Greek and means “teeth in two ways “. Belongs to the genus of pterosaurs and fish-eating diet is mainly, but also hunt small terrestrial animals.

The Dimorphodon have a wingspan of 1.4 meters and a longitude counting the tail of 1 m. Jurassic World will be possible to appreciate in the aviary with the pteranodon.


these dinosaurs began to meet dangerous species in the park since these are Carnivores and with high marks in aggression. They are bipedal and measure 8m, weighing about 2 tons. Its name means “moderately spiny reptile”.


These dinosaurs were espinosáridos usually includes between predatory large that they have a back ridge. It feeds on fish and before a species in the theme park lived in the area of ​​the Sahara more than 100 million years ago. It measures about 12.3 meters long, 3.2 meters height and reaches 4 tons. Its name means “crocodile mimic”



From the family of Spinosauridae that are characterized as predatory bipedal with elongated skulls like crocodiles, conical teeth, in the case of narrow madíbulas baryonyx with finely serrated teeth. His curved claws characteristics of this species reach 35 cm and placed in the forelimbs. Measure 9.5 meters long and its height is just under 3 meters, its weight is about 2.7 tons.


This is a herbivorous, its characteristic flattened skull and his tail will not make us confused with other hadrosaurids. The size of the admontosaurios varies depending on the species concerned but reach 14 meters long with a weight of 4 onnes. Their diet is based on plant fruits.


We arrived near the end with this This Aquatic Beast that reaches the 18 meters long with a weight of 5 tons. It is carnivorous and you can see in the show and watch as water is supplied with white sharks, (which has raised a great debate). Its size in the trailers for the film has led to a return to the park godzilización species.

Indominus Rex

Now, finally, this is the mutant dinosaur, GM and created to provide a new Attraction to the park to be running out of tourists. It is a hybrid created from DNA Giganotosaurus, Rugops Majungasaurus, and Carnotaurus. This genius of genetics, which by the way picked impressive dinosaurs, is a bad idea because their behavior is very aggressive, so far we know who killed his brother and kill other dinosaurs just for fun . Let’s see what we just goes in the Jurassic World now that control is lost.

Remember that the tape is starring Chriss Platt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D’Onofrio, between other. The expected time is coming, that when we visit again into the Island To dim, in Mexico the premiere is scheduled for June 11 and Spain 12.


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