Meet the three ways to mute groups WhatsApp

One of the first applications to install and configure our mobile Android, if not the first, is WhatsApp . We want to receive as soon as possible and messages from our contacts through leading messaging service that has changed the way we communicate and replaced the SMS.

In addition to private messages WhatsApp has also been popularized thanks to his beloved (and hated) groups up to 100 participants , ones that allow us to talk comfortably with all our friends, and hated by all notifications received over day, so we have to configure notifications groups for our mobile bother us at all. And in WhatsApp have a Three ways to mute notifications groups


Mute during a group …


We common way to silence a group is open the chat group and enter Menu> Mute . There we find the silence the group during 8 hours, 1 month or 1 year. Timed once again become active notifications. Selecting only time our mobile receive notifications but we will not sound . To unmute just we have to go to Menu> Unmute. Opened to do this step for each of the groups we want silence.

No display or notifications


If you want to stop receiving notifications of a group we have to follow the steps above but uncheck “Show Notifications” . Thus mobile or sound or display a notice on our notification bar. WhatsApp have to open to see if we have messages in our group.

Mute hit all groups forever


If what you want is silence all WhatsApp groups hit and we have to do is from the list of chats go to Settings> Notifications and in “Group claims” put Notification ringtone: None Vibrate Off . Thus all groups automatically stop ringing, but if we see the notification.

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Meet the three ways to mute groups WhatsApp
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June 25, 2015

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