Meitu releases a phone of Sailor Moon because… why not?

Meitu M8 Sailor Moon

By the power of the Prism Moon, or just because, in Meitu is not enough with having the application of selfies most popular in China (that stored data without permission, all is said), also want to try my luck with the hardware and now mix selfies with anime in the new Meitu M8 Sailor Moon Edition.

this is Not the first time that Meitu (not Meizu launches smartphone. This same year it premiered with its first mobile, the Meitu T8, and return to the load with the Meitu M8. As expected, the terminal puts special emphasis on the cameras, but what draws the attention of this version are not up to your specifications, if not its design. In addition, comes with a stick selfie Rod Spiral Heart Moon included so that you can thwart the plans of the Negaverso while you take selfies.

Sailor Moon + selfies: the dream of every ‘Moonie’

As we already saw with the first model, the Meitu M8 returns to bet for that design so peculiar with a hexagon shape, but what stands out in this version is not your way, is your color pink with gold details and, of course, the silhouette of Sailor Moon on the back.

If we look at its features, the Meitu M8 is quite similar to Meitu T8 in points as their screen of 5.2 inches, the processor Helium X20 with 4 GB of RAM or their cameras. Meitu repeated with a rear sensor 21 megapixel and one front of up to 12 megapixels.

how could it be otherwise, their cameras are so beauty known for the application of the same mark. You shoot and its algorithm whiten your teeth, remove dark circles, soften up your skin and basically make you seem like a different person.

To complete the experience selfie could not miss the stick selfie, which obviously is also dressed in the same tones that the mobile. Meitu has created a design that mimics that of the Scepter, Spiral Heart Moon, one of the weapons favorite Warrior Moon.

The pity is that, for the moment, we will only sell in China, where it will cost the equivalent of 400 euros.

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Meitu releases a phone of Sailor Moon because… why not?
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May 10, 2017

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