Metal Gear Solid V has a system of ‘karma’ hidden

Changes our appearance as we do.
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has a system of” karma ‘hidden and invisible to the players that will alter the appearance of Snake Venom depending on our actions.
If we do negative actions such as killing people, injuring animals or develop nuclear weapons, we will get “ Points Demon ” to increase the “horn” that has Snake head (ie, the piece of shrapnel that is in his skull).

There are three levels of Demon . The first is that we started the second makes the horn if we lengthen the 20,000 points of demon and if we reach the 50,000 not only have a horn much bigger, but also have to deal with a Snake permanently covered with blood.
course, our points of demon can be reduced by doing good deeds , so it is not an irreversible change.
Metal Gear Solid V has a system of ‘karma’ hidden

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