Metal Slug comes to Android as a bullet hell, sprites and mechanized mills

Japanese company SNK always been characterized by its arcade games, especially those belonging to the fighting genre, as the sagas Art of Fighting and King of Fighters . Metal Slug is the exception to the rule, a 2D action game of the most refreshing, with his own style with a good share of humor, became a benchmark of the genre and a reason more to envy those lucky they could spend a hundred thousand pesetas Neo Geo console and the game.

Since then it has rained a lot, the company has suffered its rebuke and mergers and now calls SNK Playmore , but thankfully not forgotten at all of their classics. Now we can enjoy the first Metal Slug in Android, curiously after the third delivery come out this summer. The best we can say is that the game manitiene everything did tremendously fun at the time, because it is a perfect conversion. Therefore, we can expect the same sprites that drew in two Dimensions detailed environments, the same difficulty arcade with death by a single shot, and the genius of the music itself.

playable not surprise anyone, but it will make the quality of all sections. We have to move from side to side, freeing hostages will give us new weapons and upgrades from a shotgun to a flamethrower, we will bead to eliminate enemies and disproportionate caricatured bosses.

Therefore, we can not expect many concessions in regard to control, although it is noted that the developers have the possibility incorporates its self-shot , which do not have to crush the screen continuously to kill enemies besides frame controls power out of the game , an option that is only useful for larger devices. Another highlight is the added multiplayer via Bluetooth , which will be very useful in the final levels, where the difficulty brings out the worst in us.

Metal Slug is a good conversion of a classic action, which is also recommended for those who spent their savings on arcade machines, and those who not know the saga. As a matter of its release, the game is on sale for € 1.79.

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Metal Slug comes to Android as a bullet hell, sprites and mechanized mills
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December 25, 2012

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