Metro Master Plan in Mexico City

Master Plan subway in Mexico City

By 2020 there should be 15 subway lines and 10 light rail.

Transshipment at rush hour in the rain is something that you could only wish your worst enemy. Unfortunately, this is the routine of thousands of inhabitants of Mexico City.

Although meter is the heart of public transport in scope, price and capacity, is now insufficient for the metropolitan area and more than 1.600.000.000 people using the subway last year. The periphery has grown all directions and the last stations of each of the twelve lines are the closest point for hundreds of thousands of people.

Since its inauguration the first section of the metro in 1969, This has continued to grow and expand in response to the needs of the city, including, of course, the newest line 12, which was not without difficulties and negligence.

in 1985 a Master Plan that included demographic changes outlined and the city with projection to 2020 year in which it is assumed, the city must have 17 subway lines and 10 light rail. A project that would help with many of the problems of mobility currently exist in Mexico City.

Master Plan Metro

Master Plan Metro

However, Master Plan it has not been fulfilled as he thought: line 10 subway Axis 2 should go north to Cuiculco on Avenida Insurgentes just where the line runs 1 metrobús. Line 11 should run from Santa Monica, Tlalnepantla the Palace of Fine Arts. Line 13 to Naucalli San Lazaro Park. The C line of El Rosario to Cuautitlan Iztcalli and D of Coacalco to Ojo de Agua in Tecámac.

In the last revision of the Master Plan, the Commission of Road and Urban Transport has made another stroke routes as it is on the map:

Before starting with the works of line 12, los the Metro Public Transport System priority plans were to expand some of the existing lines, particularly line 7 and 8, which incidentally project until today have not started.

in line 7 must have four more seasons after Barranca del Muerto to cover stations San Angelo, Loreto, Tizapán (Pedregal) and St. Jerome.

Metro mx

on line 8 growth is expected following the stroke of Paseo de la Reforma <. / strong> to Calzada de la Virgen to connect this line with the 5 Mysteries, with 6 in La Villa and the Indios Verdes 2


to the south is expected that this line connects with near Coapa through seven new stations would end up in the driveway of Acoxpa close Azteca Stadium.


the increase in infrastructure meter will be something that suits all Bogota, however issues such as political will, budget and corruption can slow development and urban welfare.

Many users have a love-hate relationship with the subway, anyone who uses it can not help thinking how to improve the service like this YouTube user, who designed a Master Metro 2080 Plan, respecting the classic iconography of Lance Wyman:


Metro Master Plan in Mexico City
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May 24, 2016

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