Mexican startup Kichink was awarded by Google

Mexican startup Kichink was awarded for Google

The Mexican startup Kichink was recognized by Google as Game Changer in the Demo Day and one of 11 outstanding startups from around the world led by women . The selection was made from among 450 applicants from 40 countries. Kichink is the only recognized and one of the two Latin American Mexican startup, the other is Love Mondays Brazil.

Kichink was founded by Claudio del Conde and Claudia de Hereida and the response they have obtained shows that have understood the weaknesses of e-commerce where you need a credit card for the transaction. Claudia explicó the following:

What we do is that we charge from infrastructure to be able to have a shopping cart on your website or in your Facebook Fanpage. We do all the payment processing page and logistics; and make that part of consumer service and this is a transaction business model.

Two years after operations begin Kichink have 50,000 online stores in Mexico . Your system is very simple and nice; no cost for the store and its profit lies in store sales: charge a commission of 7.5 percent for each sale. Also take care of all the logistics of delivery and payment

So this startup, from which his name appears from the onomatopoeia of a cash register. Kinchink !, Google also recognition and the opportunity to present their pitch in the Demo Day will receive advice from the great company to improve your product.


Mexican startup Kichink was awarded by Google
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December 11, 2015

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