MicRogue is the game easier and faster role that you can play on Android

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The Roguelike RPG genre has a large representation Android both quantity and the quality. You know, those games where we explore dungeons that are different in each game and to survive we will need a good strategy and some luck. This genre has a long way and there are proposals of all kinds, some very affordable like the one we present today.

MicRogue perfect definition of a Roguelike game for everyone. It is easy to play, has a learning curve long enough for anyone to learn and also has a very fast pace so we can play anywhere and resume at any time. Today we talk about it in detail


A perfect for playing on mobile

As in other games in the genre pace, our goal is trying to overcome a series of rooms in a dungeon . Each is randomly generated so the distribution, enemies and traps are different in each. Thus, each game will be different and there will be some that are more difficult than others.

Our goal is to overcome all and get as far as possible, in particular to the tenth and there recover the treasure that keeps a dragon. Aesthetics, as you can see from the pictures, it is very simplistic yet is effective and unique. The soundtrack is well crafted and always sounds the theme that puts us in a position in the dungeon.

The controls are very simple . Around our characters we mark the boxes that can move. Pressed with your finger to where we want to move and scroll automatically. To eliminate the enemies we will have to move the boxes in which they are, like chess.

If they move before we hit us. Fortunately we have a shield that will be able to hold up three hits . If we reach this amount, it will break and be vulnerable to enemies. Besides move we will review the orientation in which we are to avoid being attacked from behind and automatically lose.

Le mechanics, you see, is very simple and allows anyone to tinker from 1. minute’s fun and if you already have played other Roguelike you think too simple. It is not a title for those looking for a challenge (for that we Grand Wayward Souls for example) but it is perfect as a hobby.

MicRogue is Free (at contrafio in the version of IOS which is chargeable) but we will introduce an ad once past certain levels. It does a mobile needed especially powerful but I have noticed that on devices with SoC Exynos sometimes fails.


MicRogue Puzzle

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Crescent Moon Games
  • Download: Google Play

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MicRogue is the game easier and faster role that you can play on Android
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September 12, 2015

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