Micropsia, the mysterious syndrome Alice in Wonderland

Micropsia, the mysterious syndrome Alice in Wonderland

The syndrome of Alice in Wonderland, also known as micropsia makes things seem a ridiculous size. And it could be much more common than we think.

A dog the size of a mouse or a larger needle than a building are just some of the elements that patients micropsia, also known as the syndrome of Alice in Wonderland, they can see. This rare disease makes things perceived an abnormal size , especially members of the body, which seem growing larger or reduced humorous way. Some live the micropsia quite naturally but the sufferer with fear and distrust. Meanwhile science is still trying to explain its functioning. Although known many of the causes behind this strange syndrome is not yet known how or what actually happens. As in the fairy Carrol, patients of the syndrome are still lost in a disturbing world.

Micropsia, how you live?

The syndrome of Alice in Wonderland has two known variants. The two syndromes, which are named similarly, cause objects with an unusual size, giant or tiny appreciate. One mainly affects the body , seeing different parts of the grow or shrink and leave without apparent reason, and in the same allegory of Carrol. The another variant acts on distant objects and can completely distort our perception about things. Both tend to affect mainly during childhood, although there are those who suffer all their lives. For these people, suddenly, the language becomes the size of a cow tongue or a wall, the other end of the room, becomes tiny and miles away. The tongue becomes like a cow and the wall away and tiny Suddenly the feet are located several feet away or become enormous hands and becomes curved.

Usually the syndrome occurs in attacks that can last several hours and unexpectedly. However, it may also occur, in a timely manner before a migraine attack or to an infection mononucleosis. This makes it much more difficult to study than other syndromes of neurological origin. Because researchers believe that indeed this is its nature. It can not be otherwise. But beyond this, the micropsia is a mystery. In fact, recent research suggests that the syndrome of Alice in Wonderland could be much more common than it appears . But to disappear on their own and be relatively harmless, happen very unnoticed. However, those with the adult and go on to develop symptoms of paranoia about are helpless because no treatment.

The brain is the one who sees things

As mentioned earlier The problem seems to contain a thorough neurological reason. Surely, though it has tried to find another explanation, the micropsia originates in the brain. For example, recent studies of the specialists associated with chronic migraine or epilepsy. However, analyzing fMRI brain under does not result in any apparent pattern . How micropsia is triggered in the brain remains a mystery. Currently several research try to follow the syndrome through genetics, but still to no avail. Since the syndrome is manifested especially at night, it is probably related to the sensory system, with the senses. A Recent studies find no pattern own brain syndrome combination thereof that triggers the “mispercepción” of objects and body.

Something Similarly with synesthesia or hallucinogenic effects caused by drugs, where the brain “connect” incorrectly various stimuli and different perceptions. But here it we can detect representative patterns. Although the syndrome of Alice in Wonderland is not dangerous, more and more scientists are interested in this topic. Not only for its treatment and monitoring, but for the answers hidden similar condition . Answers could open a new world of knowledge about the brain. Who knows what you can discover in a few years the matter. But in the meantime, patients continue to live like those of Alicia own episodes, while living in their own wonderland


Micropsia, the mysterious syndrome Alice in Wonderland
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March 10, 2015

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