Microsoft Launcher comes to Android, the new application launcher that links your mobile phone with Windows 10

Microsoft Launcher

This month of October, we meet two years from that Microsoft will launch its own application launcher to our Android devices with Arrow Launcher, now this launcher is renewed with the full-premiering new features, new interface, and a change of name.

Arrow Launcher is now Microsoft Launcher, a pitcher whose key points are the customization, information, and synchronization with Windows 10. Microsoft wants to have a lot more presence on Android devices, and this launcher will be the perfect complement to your browser Edge also announcing to Android.

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher will allow us to customize the wallpaper, add widgets, change the theme colors, install icon packs, change the name of the applications, hide applications, and much more.

We offer a variety of customizable gestures to open the app drawer, lock screen, open the browser, access the settings or access to open applications, to name a few examples.

Sliding towards the desk on the left, as it happens in Google Now Launcher, go to your panel that shows us our most important information, such as news, events, documents, contacts, recent calls and more.

Your search engine universal allows you to perform searches both on the web and in our mobile, it will search for both web pages and in our files, applications, documents, messages, etc..

finally, and the most important feature, is that if we sign in with our Microsoft account, our mobile will be linked with our computer with Windows 10. So from our PC we will be able to access the photos and documents that we have in our mobile phone, and send web pages to our computer.

How to download Microsoft Launcher

in order To enjoy from now of the new launcher of Microsoft applications for Android devices we have that get access to its beta. To do this we just have to click on the link below and become a tester:

once targeted as a tester already so we only have to search the application in Google Play and download it. If you do not we signed up as a tester we will download Arrow Launcher.

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher version 4.1

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Microsoft Launcher comes to Android, the new application launcher that links your mobile phone with Windows 10
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October 5, 2017

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